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  1. Allof75

    Allof75's 02 R50 Pathfinder Build- Still Alive!

    Hi All, I hope this finds all of you well given the remarkably difficult circumstances of the past several years. I took some time away from the forums to focus on school (happy to report I graduated from UC Davis in March of 2020), and work (I've started my own glass cleaning company, and...
  2. Allof75

    The Lost Coast: Places I've Never Been in Northern California

    A close friend and I decided to make a trek to the far Northern coast of California, somewhere we'd never been. Having read about the "Lost Coast" on several travel logs and hiking guides, we decided that would be our first stop. What a great time it would be, as the Lost Coast is an area so...
  3. Allof75

    Cobra 29LX and Wilson Little Wil- SWR Help (Extremely High)

    Hi all, I just installed a Cobra 29LX and Wilson Little Wil magnet mount antenna on my pathfinder, it appears everything is hooked up correctly, and yet I keep getting SWR readings of 3 and above on channels 1, 20, and 40. I go through the Cobra factory recommended procedure to check and...
  4. Allof75

    New 2016 Titan Released

    The new Titan XD just came out at the Detroit Auto Show. Apparently it offers a small Cummins and fits between traditional 1/2 and 3/4 tons. Looks to be some neat options. Thoughts?
  5. Allof75

    Three Guys, 6000 Miles, and Southern Heat. "Graceland"

    This report comes roughly one month after the trip was completed, so pardon the delay. Anyway, perhaps some of you saw my updates thread titled "Graceland," there you'd have found out the general basis of this trip. For those of you who haven't I'll go more into detail here, plus pictures from a...
  6. Allof75


    Hi All, tomorrow morning at about 5:30 AM myself and three of my buddies are departing for a life long dream- drive to Graceland, Elvis's home, and in turn tour The South. I'll be passing through AZ, NM, TX, OK, AK, TN, KY, SC, GA, FL, AL, MS, LA, and TX then back home to old California. I'll...
  7. Allof75

    Joshua Tree NP & The Desert

    This past weekend my girlfriend and I headed out for a quick overnight to Joshua Tree National Park. SoCal has been witnessing a very warm spell, and we saw temperatures into the mid 70s our entire stay. Not many things on the trip quite went our way, but needless to say we had an overall good...
  8. Allof75

    FS: Stock front Jeep ZJ v8 Springs with Cut Pigtails/WD21 Pathfinder lift $35 obo

    Up for sale, factory brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ V8 springs. The "pigtails" are cut off, which means it works as a 2" or so rear lift for 84-95 Pathfinders. Didn't fit my pathy, that's why I'm selling, so PM me if you're interested, giving a $5 discount for ExPo, but the price is...
  9. Allof75

    Post your Nissan Camping Pictures!

    I unabashedly stole this from the Jeep section of this site, but thought it was a good idea. So post pictures of you taking your Nissans camping! I'll start! Camping in Anza Borrego: (Ocotillo Wells) Utah I haven't been able to go camping specifically too much- lots of day trips. But...
  10. Allof75

    FS: early '60s Cadillac Hubcaps ($75)

    I know these aren't expo related necessarily, but it'll pay for more expo gear for me so that counts right? :sombrero: Anyway, I have 10 (!) early 1960s Cadillac hubcaps, in 16" diameter. Could be used to decorate, restore your caddy, or pimp out your expo rig. $75obo, will not ship...
  11. Allof75

    Wagon Wheel: Retracing My Pioneer Family's Roots

    We often forget about our roots in our hectic day-to-day live. Maybe a call to mom every now and then, or a beer with a brother from time to time. But family and lineage is more than that, and I sought out to retrace a branch of my familial past. My family has a long standing tradition of...
  12. Allof75

    Inexpensive Thermometer?

    I'm looking for a relatively low priced external ambient temperature thermometer, with a readout, so I can see the temperature outside the car and prepare accordingly (also helps for bragging rights (: ) My Pathfinder does not have one, any recommendations?
  13. Allof75

    Labeled Off Road Light Switches?

    Where do you all source the neat-o off road light switches? Like these, but only one. I have some LEDs coming along, and I'd like to have the switches in at the same time- PepBoys doesn't really cut it. Sorry if it's a stupid question, I just can't find them for the life of me. Thanks!
  14. Allof75

    Suspension Airbag Durability?

    I'm looking to strengthen the rear suspension of my Pathfinder, as currently it crashes over bumps and sags way too much with a load. So I'm looking into suspension airbags, as I want to keep the stock height. The only kind available for me are in-coil 1000lb capacity units. My questions are...
  15. Allof75

    Inexpensive Forester Skid Plate(s)

    I'm looking into skidplates for my girlfriend's 2002 Subaru Forester, she uses it off road a few times a year, and managed to tear off the factory front plastic skidplate in doing so. I was wondering, are there any skidplates available which are cheaper than the $150 the dealer quoted for a...
  16. Allof75

    Yellow Fogs in Dust?

    I'm looking to upgrade my factory fog lights, and I'm curious, do yellow foglights do anything to cut through the dust when trail running? I have been frequently blinded by the kicked up dust when in an area like Ocotillo Wells, which is full of motorcycle riders and prerunners creating dust...
  17. Allof75

    Anza Borrego Desert for the Day- 2/2/2013 (Lots of Pictures)

    This past weekend, the SCORE group ventured to Anza Borrego State Park, in California, for the day. I, and I think everyone else there (there were 16 others) had a wonderful time. We explored the southern end of the park, specifically Arroyo Seco del Diablo, Diablo Dropoff, and then out via Fish...
  18. Allof75

    Last Weekend of 2012: Anza Borrego and Salton Sea Exploration

    It had been a long time coming; we visited Anza Borrego State Park in California a couple times before, and likewise much of the Ocotillo Wells SVRA at different points, but there was one thing we hadn't explored yet- the Salton Sea. So, in a late night meeting in Downtown Huntington Beach, we...
  19. Allof75

    Rear Diff Skidplate for Moderate SoCal Trail Use?

    I am trying to figure out whether or not I should purchase a rear differential skidplate for my Pathfinder along with my other order of skidplates. It would be about an additional $133 to tack it on to my order. And unfortunately my drain plug is on the very bottom of the diff, but...
  20. Allof75

    MAXTRAX roof rack mount

    I definitely want to purchase some MAXTRAX traction aides in the new future, but my issue is I'm not sure exactly how to mount them to my factory Nissan Rack. I'd like to find a simple and easy way to mount them beside my "half-rack" as I call it. I'm wondering if I could drill some holes in...