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    Sceptre Fuel Cans (SOLD) and Spout (1)

    I've got two of the old style Scepter Fuel available for sale as well as an unopened spout (not pictured) $200 for both cans and the spout. I'm in Lakewood, WA and not interested in shipping them so need to be fairly local.

    Caravan Camper Truck Canopy - $2K, WA

    Hate to do it but it's time to sell my Caravan Camper Truck Canopy and would like for it to go to someone who'll use it for what it's for..... exploring! I've had multiple canopies on my truck and this one is the only one that's handled taking off road. It fits 3rd generation (2003-2008) Dodge...

    Get 'em started young.

    In case this hasn't been posted yet. My 2yo daughter saw this on the shelf and promptly added it to her basket. :bike_rider...

    Ruggedized tablet package with Overland Navigator

    SOLD!!! Ruggedized PC Tablet $500 I bought it was new old stock (NOS) from a govt. agency that never put them into production. Was new in the box when I received it. I intended to use it for my exploration trips but I found I generally like paper maps better so ended up removing it after...

    Chevy Cheyenne 3500 diesel ambulance on Govt Liq?

    So did anyone here get this truck? Was tempted for sure. 297 miles...

    Pelican 1650 case, what to use it for?

    Just scored a brand new, unused Pelican 1650 on Craigslist for $75! Now I've got to figure out what to use it for. :) Looking for sugguestions, ideas, photos. Maybe make it a cooking kit? recovery kit?

    Replacement axle recommendations for M101A2

    I'm in need of a replacement axle with electric brakes to replace the existing axle with surge brakes on my M101A2 trailer. I need one with an 8 lug to match my Dodge wheels so I can run stock 17" dodge wheels. A local trailer supply store quoted me $675 for 6000lb electric brake axle with a...

    Wandering the Bonneville Salt Flats & the Silver Island Mountains

    The family and I were in Park City, UT for the week, so I took half a day for myself to visit the Bonneville Salt Flats. I've seen it a million times on TV so wanted to check it out in person. The highway out to the Flats from Salt Lake City is an 80 mile long straight stretch but had some...

    How does this disconnect? Fog light connector

    Anyone know how to disconnect this type of electrical connector? It's the factory connector for a Dodge 2500 fog light harness. I'm sure it's probably easy when you know the trick but I just can't get it to separate. The red tab that seems like it should be the key to separating the two halves...

    Project Wander Wagon

    A thread to track my improvements to my 2007 Dodge 2500. Overall objective for this build is a vehicle I can use for long distance backcountry travel while keeping its ability to tow our travel trailer and whatever other daily driver duties it sees. Reliability is key but I'll eventually do...

    Call of Duty Jeep

    Another "Tomb Raider" type jeep. Wonder if this one will do well? The theme fits with the "murdered" color scheme at least.

    M101A2 12V lights!? What am I doing wrong?

    I'm trying to convert my M101A2 to 12V and a 7 pin adapter but for the life of me it just isn't working like it appears it should. Here's where I'm at: Replaced all the bulbs with 12V versions Purchased a 7 pin pigtail Downloaded a user manual for the M101A2 to identify what wires are what...

    Trailer rust proofing and paint

    Won a M101A2 trailer at auction. It was born in 1990 so it has some surface rust, nothing bad but definitely needs to be treated. I plan on getting the entire trailer media blasted and then I'd like to finish it with some sort of chassis treatment (for the frame) and/or paint that will...

    M101A2 Expedition Trailer?

    There are a few M101A2 trailers available at in my area. I need a trailer mainly for yard projects, etc but would consider building it for expedition and hunting use. Anyone have experience with these trailers and could offer me any warnings or recommendations? The...