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  1. WUzombies

    E350 7.3L, #3 Injector Stuck in head due to body clearance?

    I'm rebuilding injectors this weekend and I've reached an impasse that I hope my fellow E-van people can help me with. The injector for the #3 cylinder hits the body and I can't rotate it to the narrow side to pull it free. The advice I was given was to unbolt the motor mounts at the cross...
  2. WUzombies

    Electric cooling fans?

    Has anyone converted from a mechanical cooling fan to an electric setup? Did you have any problems keeping your rig cool? Did you notice a change in MPG? The Internet experts on the Ford forums have said they're awesome, they suck, they break, they are more reliable than than the fan...
  3. WUzombies

    E-van rear shocks

    What sort of black magic do you use to remove the top mount of the rear shocks? Is there an animal sacrifice involved? Seriously, MG might need to check my measurements, but there is 0.00025" of room to hold a wrench above the mount. Is there a special trick I don't know? Does it involve...
  4. WUzombies

    2WD stock spring upgrades?

    I've been reading and trying to keep up, what would a stock replacement coil over that is a progressive and possibly adds about 1" of lift (to level) the van on the E-vans? I've seen a handful of part numbers tossed around and I've looked at all I've found, but I'm having trouble figuring out...
  5. WUzombies

    Ford: Broken door cable mount?

    The rear door cable mount for the latch mech failed recently. I made a wonderful zip tie temp fix that was awesome for its ugliness, but I found these and installed one tonight. Verdict? Awesome.
  6. WUzombies

    Lizard Skin?

    I've been thinking about pulling the carpet of my E-van and laying down the heat and sound mix Lizard Skin for a few reasons. However, I'm concerned about too much heat transfer through the floor. Has anyone gone this route? After a "fun" experience where my 5 year old knocked over a cooler...
  7. WUzombies

    Adventure Nanny?

    This year three families, including mine, all camped for a week at GSMNP. Six kids, six parents and two extra adult friends who don't have children. The 2016 trip is a three week epic adventure driving from Texas to Tetons, Yellowstone and Glacier. The camp this year was great and the kids...
  8. WUzombies

    Which (metal) stock are you using?

    What are the material choices you are using in your fabrication projects? I have a full length roof rack, front and rear bumpers on the menu for my winter projects and am putting together the detailed plans right now. For instance for the roof rack I'm primarily building out of 1" OD tubing...