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  1. wheels5150

    Recovery and Camping Garage Sale

    PM sent on xjack - not for me - GLWS
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    Gnarvan AWD Express build.

    I swapped the Turn Signal arm for one off ebay with the cruise controls, nothing else required - cruise worked after you plug in the cable from the arm into the empty connector on the steering column. Mine is a 2007 Extended Express with a Duramax. Chevy dealer told me it was a $2300 "upgrade".
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    Project Weekend Warrior (A slow Chevrolet Dmax Express Camper Build)

    You may be fine if you somewhat control how often it's is powered up and how long it is on. Turn the inverter on for an hour or two - turn it off for a couple hours. Fridge should stay cold enough and it won't suck your batteries dry.
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    My 4x4 Chevy Express van build

    I can speak for a extended Chevy Express circa 2007, I went with the Express because I prefer diesel & GM, and looked for my vehicle for a good 6 months to find the base vehicle. So far my Duramax has been a rock. I don't do anything really tough offroad, if that was my intention I probably...
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    Finding low miles vans for SMB style builds

    I looked for around 5 months before I found what I wanted, extended van with a duramax.
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    2014 Express AWD cargo van PNW 4 season camper

    Looks like a great base vehicle. Looking forward to seeing the top and the rest of the build.
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    New Chev Express 3500 IFS Conversion

    Just wanted to give you a heads up about those wheels, I had the same wheels on my van - they were recalled late 2013. I'd have never known except I bought a couple for a trailer to match the van. Just may want to let the owner know if the wheels were installed by you guys during the build. Also...
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    Project Weekend Warrior (A slow Chevrolet Dmax Express Camper Build)

    Looks like a good base vehicle, but then I am biased. :) I keep vacillating between a removable frame that can be a bed and removed when cargo capacity is needed or a full camper interior. It would be nice to still be able to park a Prius in the rear and use the hybrid parking spots.
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    2005 GMC Savana 3/4 Ton Adventure Van Build Thread....

    Looking good - finding the sportsmobile top was a score. I wrestle with the cost vs value added at least monthly, I'd like it but it's 6-7k...
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    Engel Two Zone

  11. wheels5150

    New Chev Express 3500 IFS Conversion

    Looks good - glad to have some company in the GM 4x4 van's lonely. :)
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    Chevy/GMC Vans Over Ford Vans

    Randy and his crew at advanced 4x4 in Salt Lake did my 2007 Express 2500 Duramax almost three years back and basically no issues. I don't play hard off road with the van, mainly use the 4x4 when in snow up in Idaho. They do about 20:1 in favor of Ford over Chevy/GMC. They have also converted...
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    2010 Chevy AWD "VanGo"

    That appears to be an aftermarket fuel door for the Chevy Express, often pursued in the wilds by big game hunters and seldom seen in captivity. Did it require much in the way of modification or did it plug right in? Where from?
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    FS: Nitecore SRT7 Revenger 960 Lumens

    I'll take it - PM sent.
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    max ax multi tool

    I'll take it - PM me your paypal info.
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    FJ Cruiser / Trail Teams Multi-tool

    Boom - I'll take it - paypal?
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    FS: Springtail MPAC rack

    I'll take it - PM inbound