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  1. The Artisan

    Stahl service utility box 11 x 7.4 x 7

    Rough dimensions is 11 x 7.4 x7 exterior 5.5 x 5.5 x10.5 nside. Might make a good cheap camper. Missing window and exterior cabinet door and the pass through door has been sealed. Location S Atlanta $1800 obo and less if you remove it from my van
  2. The Artisan

    Which years box vans had the 5r110

    Was there other tranny options for these yrs? Thanks in advance. Kevin
  3. The Artisan

    Ford van with empty box, no affiliation

    Might be a good start for someone Kevin
  4. The Artisan

    No affiliation Doka 4X4 RV

    could be a nice rig for someone... Kevin
  5. The Artisan

    National Luna, thoughts

    So my next build I have been thinking what fridge I want to get. My buddy said just get a Luna and be done with it. The 110 is around 2.6k Looking for opinions on the Lunas. I know the snowmasters are made in China but reviews have been good from what I have read and a fraction of the cost...
  6. The Artisan

    Toyota with Sebreeze camper no affiliation

    I saw this on the road that goes to my neighborhood. Don't know the family but do know their son. Myself and my neighbors looked after him as he grew up. fixing his bike, buy him tires, etc. I can get more info from him of anyone is interested. Kevin
  7. The Artisan

    Truck Camper shell Atlanta

    No affiliation, just came across it on CL Kevin
  8. The Artisan

    For those that carry Guns and Overlanding

    With the world as crazy as it is what are the laws with guns while camping. Growing up in 70s and 80s in MO we used to camp on friends farms, campgounds or go to Arkansas and do Buffalo River canoe trips and not think twice about danger, great times. It was not until later the whole...