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    2020 Mercedes Benz 5 Sleeper Sprinter Camper

    Yup, not sure how I feel about it, but change is always hard. Supposedly there will be several changes. Could be cool. I have a two friends with 2021's that have had a tremendous amount of emissions issues, lets hope they figure that out.
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    2020 Mercedes Benz 5 Sleeper Sprinter Camper

    Because its true. Who cares how he does or doesn't "hype" it?
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    WTB: FWC Hawk

    It will... be patient. I would like to believe there will be a pretty big secondary market when the current owners realize they arent using them as much as they thought they would, accompanied by the manufacturers catching up with a lesser demand. Who knows though right??
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    [SUCCESS] WTB: Super Pacific Reservation

    not mine, but here you go.
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    2022 Rivian R1T Launch Edition

    Something else nobody seems to consider, even if they own an electric vehicle and have real world experience, is the range the companies quote. "You get 350 miles at full charge". Sure you do, when the radio is off, nav. is off, windows are up, no A/C or heater, weather is above 60 degrees, and...
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    OFF MARKET - Buckstop Bumpers Front & Rear + Warn 16.5s + Baja Designs + Skid Plates - $9,900

    Really... sorry man, I apologize. What can I do for you? I have like an iphone 7 or 8 or something, it sucks sometimes. 949.254.9157
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    OFF MARKET - $900 Frontrunner Slimline II Roof Rack Kit (F250-F350 1999-Current, GEN2 Raptor 17-20, F15016-20) + accessories

    It's not the ideal situation. but I would consider it on your dime. I have easy access to free bubble wrap and cardboard, and I have no problem wrapping it up and preparing to ship, but I can't imagine it is a cheap shipping fee depending on where you are. Perhaps if you have a FedEx or UPS...
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    OFF MARKET - 2017-2020 Ford F250/350 Buckstop Bumpers Front & Rear + Warn 16.5s + Baja Designs + Skid Plates - $9,900

    Well… what’s gonna push you over to the dark side and let the temptation win??? Hah!
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    Off MARKET - 2019 F350 Platinum Turnkey Overland/Baja Monster/Family Camper Rig -

    I appreciate the compliments Garrett, the feeling is mutual. So stoked on your successes: in this crazy world of Sprinter Builds and "Instagram Vans", it is hard to stand out, but you have done it. WAYPOINT Vehicles is legit! Check em out!!!