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    1994 International 4x4 RV Mechanical DT466 w/Allison 2400W solar $110k

    Killer drive train on this one. A little big for my taste and inside is average but helluva a truck with tons of solar 2400w but only 400ah of batteries? I had thought about getting one of these dump trucks for years since I do excavation and landscaping on the continental divide but been able...
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    2000 Chevy Truck Provan Tiger CX 78k Rare 2x4 Model $32k

    Don't see this too often a 2wd tiger CX plenty of 2wd Astros. Also have not seen the passenger side cabinets removed on a Tiger. Maybe this was a bare bones base model?
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    1982 Ford Bronco 4x4 w/ 1993 Hallmark Pop-Up $8500

    Some day I want something similar to this, but in better condition.
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    1975 Mercedes 1113L Old German Firetruck / RV Conversion 4x4? $70k Never seen this style of build before. I wish they had interior pics - is it really 4x4?
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    1992 Dodge 350 Cummins Serro Scotty Camper

    Maybe someone can make this ************** 4x4 1st gen cummins RV?
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    1981 International S1800 Off-Road 4x4 ($109k)

    Dont see one of these everyday. Would prefer the DT466 engine personally. Cool rig. Not sure price is quite on point.
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    1995 Steward & Stevenson $42k

    Seems like an OK deal.. Just curious how many MPG does one of these get?
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    Sheet Flooring or similar for Provan Tiger CX

    Need to replace our sheet vinyl flooring in our older Provan Tiger CX. i can't decide what to get, I think I want a seamless marine style floor but not like carpet but more like lightly textured gym mats found some EVA foam sheets for boats/surfboards on Amazon but most are like 36" width We...
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    2015 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 TRD Sport v6 19,000miles Custom Motorhome $85k

    Pretty cool build, I'd seen another of his on Youtube of a Tundra. I just feel like this has to be over GVWR - right? At least the price seems reasonable compared to some other stuff out there.
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    2003 Ford F350 SRW 6.0 Manual Trans Diesel Reading Utility Bed w/ 1992 10' Alaskan Camper $45k

    Pretty cool setup here! High miles on 6.0 scares me a little but I heard if you don't really work the 6.0 with towing and such it will last.
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    1996 E-350 4x4 33's Minnie Winnie 460v8 $50k

    The rock crawling jeep style photos made me giggle. You could get in trouble tryin' that much with this rig.
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    1975 Jeep J10 4x4 Chinook Pop-up 350 v8 $ebay

    Pretty cool....
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    1989 F-Super Duty Custom 4x4 Motorhome $40k

    Interesting build here. Tongue and groove in the shower? I bet the wood stove will chase you outta there.
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    2007 F550 4x4 6.0 Diesel Aluminum Box Truck - Conversion Ready - 140k - $34.5k

    Seems like a heavy duty box on this one. One of the last years of the 6.0
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    1996 Ford Bronco 4x4 161k Camper $17k

    I promise this is the last one today :) You don't see these all the time!
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    1988 Home-made Custom Truck Camper - Unique $6200

    Lots of oddities found today in my search.... With all the popup, extend out fancy ******** out there nice to see a touch of ole time. This reminds me of the sheep herder trailers we see a lot on NFS / BLM land in Colorado...
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    1987 Toyota Dolphin Sunrader 'Yotabond' 4x4 31s 22RE AUTO 60k miles $85k

    Pretty cool build. I like the paint and upholstery used. Not sure I'd want a 3spd auto 22re in the rockies though especially pushing 31's and doesn't sound like the build was kept lightweight necessarily...
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    Ford Ranger v6 4x4 Tiny home on wheels $5000

    Interesting to say the least...
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    1998 Chinook v10 Ford 4x4 Solar $69.5k

    Pretty dope! I do like the options for the bed and living space in the Chinook. If it were a 7.3 and side door entry would be a dream. If you want to tow or have a bike rack the rear door could be annoyin...
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    ARB Awning on Provan Tiger

    I have been struggling for months to pick an awning for our 2005 Provan Tiger CX. This morning I just researched a few hours and just ended up more confused in which direction to go. Our Tiger has about 104" inch footprint above RV door on passenger side for an awning. The height above the...