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  1. Sleam

    Any 2wd vans on the roads to Patagonia?

    Hi folks, I'm looking for inspiration! Are you heading through North, Central and South America in a 2wd van? Know of anyone who has? Can you share their links please? I'm living in a 2003 dodge b1500 van, converted very simply. Two dogs, one human, no plans. We've done 52,450 miles across...
  2. Sleam

    Baja in a Dodge b1500 van with 2 dogs

    I thought I'd catch you up on the last 2 months driving through #baja on my own in an old conversion van. I'll add photos to start but will add info later on routes and beaches found. Oh, and my radiator died at Coco's Corner, limped it to Bahia de Los Angeles then towed to Guerrero negro.
  3. Sleam

    WTB Camper Van with room to stand up inside!

    Hi there, I am on the look out for a van to live and travel in. I wander around the US and soon to Mexico with two dogs, kayak, mountain bike and a DR200 on a hitch mount rack. Good clearance although I probably can't afford 4x4 even though I'm used to having that. Basic inside is fine, bed...
  4. Sleam

    Dodge b1500 van upgrades

    I'm all about keeping it simple and low costs. Ive travelled all over the southwest, northeast and northwest in this van, usually with 2 to 3 pets. Its a 2003 2wd . That said, it's great AND I'd like to make it better! Any links or ideas for any of these? Gutter mounts for an awning? 2inch...
  5. Sleam

    WTB Arb awning 6ft

    Does anyone have an ARB 6ft long awning for sale near NM? I'm looking to get one for my van. Thanks, S
  6. Sleam

    1972 Series III in NM $19,500 obo

    On consignment in Santa Fe is my workhorse. All mechanical work done, ready for trips anywhere. All the details and photos here, Contact Thanks, s
  7. Sleam


    Hi, Anyone had Eaton's Elockers installed? I'm looking for a good locking differential for a 2wd 2003 B1500 van. Rather than get a 4x4 as well as the van, I want to get this upto scratch. Dirt roads but winter highway driving too. So not just to get me out of stuck situations but for safer...
  8. Sleam

    Wanderlust Stories & Photos

    Hello friends, I wanted to let you all know that I'm hoping to publish some features on our site I'm looking for more of our kind of travels and trip reports, the overland and long distance adventures. I'm not sure if it's okay to post on here for that but in case it...
  9. Sleam

    1995 4Runner for sale in New Mexico

    Here's the full link but in short, I'm selling this truck and my Land Rover to get something newer and ready for longer trips. Faith the 4Runner has been with us for about six years now and been well maintained, used, and...
  10. Sleam

    WTB pants

    WTB armored pants for riding on dual sport, 34x32 preferred. In NM. Thanks.
  11. Sleam

    SOLD - 1995 4Runner

    Hi, I'm selling my trusty old 4Runner that's taken me all over the Rockies and the Southwest to the Northeast on back roads, mostly dirt. It's pretty stock, no lift or locking diffs. It's a work solid beast that's never let me down. Madrid, New Mexico. Work done: Full tune up and pre-sale...
  12. Sleam

    Time for a change?

    Hi. I have a 1995 4runner with 225k miles. It's getting really sluggish, tired on hills and I live in the mountains. Last year replaced head gasket and radiator. A few years before I had to get replacement tranny.... What do you think? New engine, 3.6? Or just move on? I have say a 4k budget...
  13. Sleam

    FS 1972 Series III RHD 88"

    I'll post more tomorrow but I have had this Land Rover and rarely use it. If someone is looking, let me know. Rebuilt engine, new radiator, brakes, tires, so much on offer. Roof rack, frame for soft top, tailgate, extra wheels. NM.
  14. Sleam

    Back to Life

    Hi team. My 1972 has been on blocks for 18 months while I was away. Today I got back to work on it. New battery. Replace spark plugs, squirted in some oil. Cleaned the engine block of rat ********. Air in tires. Check radiator. I need 4 inches of fuel line that cracked. Changed fuel filter. Will...
  15. Sleam

    SIII and brakes/overdrive upgrades

    Hello team, I've been gone a while but I'm back to my 1973 SIII. The goal for this winter is to get an overdrive installed. Any suggestions as which company? Also, I realized that I don't drive it much because I don't like how everyone expects me to stop as fast as they do on the roads. Is...
  16. Sleam

    2004 B1500 conversion van - suggestions?

    Hello team, I've had this van for a few years, travelled from NM across the West all back local roads, then up to New England, back to NM now. It's simple set-up. I stripped out the seats, built a bedframe, milk crates underneath the bed etc. Good for me, two big dogs and a cat called Stephen...
  17. Sleam

    Wanderlust-Journal is looking for travel stories

    Hey friends, I'm editor at Wanderlust and we're looking for travel stories and photo essays to publish online. It's a new website with a focus on getting our stories out there. As a wanderer and writer myself, I found it hard to get published since my stories are anecdotal, conversational...
  18. Sleam

    1995 4Runner with new transmission

    I'm selling my trusty 4Runner to fund the van and Land Rover projects. This beast took me all over the Southwest for years. It's in Santa Fe. New transmission with some 90,000 miles on the warranty. Good AT BFG tires. New suspension, great running, well maintained. $4200 obo. Needs nothing...
  19. Sleam

    Vermont Classic Land Rovers?

    Hey folks, How's life treating you? I wanted to see if anyone is around Vermont with their Series Land Rovers for me to interview for Classic LR magazine in the UK? Are you up for telling me your story? I'm also missing being in the LR world as mine is staying in NM since I'm only here for a...
  20. Sleam

    FS: 2011 DR650 SE

    I'm selling my bike in NM. I've had it for five years, put on 11k miles in and around the Southwest. It's in great shape, got fieldsheer saddle bags and a tank bag. New tires. Well maintained. It's at SMR bike shop in Santa Fe. Please call Jason for more. His number is 505-473-3033. Asking...