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  1. zonker

    SPAL Fans - 2 Puller and 1 Pusher

    I have two SPAL puller fans. Both are in excellent condition. They came with my Ron Davis radiator since I ordered the electric fan option. Just did not end up liking the operation. I have attached a Spec PDF for them. Can send it via email if needed. Even tho' photo only shows both sides of one...
  2. zonker

    SOLD! Stack of Overland Journal Magazines and Other Pubs

    I have real nice stack of Overland Journal magazines dating back to sometime in 2009 and current up until now in 2022. I can't promise that every issue is there.. but I would be willing to bet that 95% of each year resides in the stack. Also a good handful of TREAD is included as well. $50...
  3. zonker

    Pelican 1650 Cases

    I have 3 Pelican 1650 cases in used but not abused condition. All 3 are in the same condition. They were used to travel with my commercial photo gear. Now it is time to slim down. Basically the foam is probably of no use.. but if you want it.. I will send it your way. Also more than happy to...
  4. zonker

    1997 LX450 / FZJ80 - Turn Key - Beyond Kitted

    It has been quite some time since I posted here on EXPO. Not that I have not wanted to.. but the last 6 months have been a little bit trying on this end. This is the official.. my 80 series went on Bring a Trailer this past Saturday. Closes this coming Saturday. This is all because of my...
  5. zonker

    SOLD - Gorgeous 1997 40th Anniversary FZJ80

    SOLD My sisters super clean and functional 1997 40th Anniversary Land Cruiser is up for sale. She is the second owner. It has 239,000 miles on the odo. Its whole life was spent in Oregon and for the last 3 years it has been in northern Nevada. She purchased it in 2016 with 233,000 miles and...
  6. zonker

    SOLD: Great Light Adventure Trailer w/Tepui RTT

    After much agonizing and hand-wringing.. we have decided that our great little trailer needs to collect some dollars and explore someone else. It is an extremely well built 820 lb military knock-off. Fully loaded as we use it.. right around 1200 lbs. The roof top tent is a brand new Tepui...
  7. zonker

    FS: Women's Tru-Spec 24/7 Expedition Pants - LOWERED Price

    In my wife and my opinion.. the Tru-Spec Expedition pants are the awesome travel apparel. We both have been using this brand for several years now and find them super comfortable.. bulletproof and of a very high quality. They are cool in the summer due to the zipped vents and reasonably warm...
  8. zonker

    SOLD Helimot Buffalo Pro Deerskin Gloves - WAY Lower Price

    Virtually new older pair of Helimot Buffalo Pro gloves. Deerskin and made in the USA. They are a size medium.
  9. zonker

    SOLD: Renogy 1000w Inverter

  10. zonker

    FS: 80-Series Parts Garage Sale - Lowered Prices!

    Time at home and cleaned out my parts storage shed. All of these parts came off a '97 80-series (LX450). Paypal fees included. Give me a zip code and I will estimate the least expensive shipping for your nickel. MAF Sensor The original MAF off of my '97. Replaced this stock MAF with a...
  11. zonker

    Nevada Garage Sale - ALL SOLD

    Since I have been stuck in one place for the better part of the summer and fall.. I found it a good time to clean out the storage corners of the abode for all the stuff we purchased and really don't need. Most photos are in following posts. TOPS B.O.B Brothers of Bushcraft knife. -SOLD...
  12. zonker

    Handful of Good Knives

    Always have been a lover of very nice blades. Of course anything you hold so close.. you have a tendency to acquire tooo many and not ever clean the closet out. Since we are moving in the very near future.. it is time to shed myself of all the stuff I really have too much of. Some knives are...
  13. zonker

    SOLD Marathon GSAR Watch

    My wife bought this GSAR in 2013. She loved the watch until she got arthritis in her wrist. She has decided that she needs a smaller and lighter watch and to sell this Marathon. The GSAR is in excellent shape and in superb operating condition. The only wear is the dial markers between 5 and...
  14. zonker

    YETI Tundra 65 - like new and Lower Price

    Virtually new Tundra 65. We used it on one short road trip. In pretty much perfect condition except for a couple very minor scuffs on the lid. After use it was drained.. cleaned and dried before putting it away. As you know.. they never go on sale from their $399 price that I am aware of...
  15. zonker

    Dodge Ram OEM Skid Plate Set

    Complete set of brand new, never installed OEM skid plates for a Dodge Ram. Includes fuel tank, transfer case, transmission and oil pan. Plus all of the crossmembers. Fits '03 thru '07 1500, 2500, 3500, gas or diesel. Very possibly fits thru 2010 as well. Other than dusty.. they are perfect...
  16. zonker

    Michelin LTX M/S Tires - SOLD

    4 like new Michelin LTX M/S tires. 275/70/16 These Michelin's were put on our '97 Lexus LX by the previous owner at 103,985 and we took them off at 105,993. Consequently they have only 2,000 miles on them with a loss of 1/64" from the original tread depth. The mileage on the tires can easily...
  17. zonker

    FREE to a good home / FZJ80 / LX450 OEM radiator

    I just removed the original radiator out of our LX450. The LX has 100k original miles. Since I am refurbishing the whole cooling system and that includes the radiator. Besides I wanted a 3 core. The radiator is in great shape with no leaks what so ever when it was removed. So if anyone has the...
  18. zonker

    SOLD Off-Road Adventure / Expedition Trailer

    2011 off-road adventure / expedition trailer. I towed this behind our Dodge CTD and FWC. It was great being able to take a few more clothes for various weather conditions and other gear while on a longer trip. Also we were able to keep the camper floor relatively empty which allowed us to stop...
  19. zonker

    SOLD - Hawk Four Wheel Camper

    With much regret we are selling our truly loved 2004 Hawk. This camper has been extremely well cared for and shows it. We have made some very tasteful and professional modifications.. but I think they were definitely called for and I think you will agree. Everything on this camper is in...
  20. zonker

    2000 Toyota 4Runner Factory Repair Manual 2 volume set

    Factory repair manual in very nice condition. A few very minor marks on the binding and a handful of pages. $125.. includes shipping within the Continental USA.