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    most capable off-road pickup?

    my cummins is great, tons of torque and power at any altitude, toss lockers in it and yer good!

    GY Duratrac issues

    running 315/75-16 @50psi on my ram 2500 diesel and wear is good handling is good zero issues

    trailer identification

    howdy folks, couldnt find a trailer section so mods feel free to move this. so there is a military trailer with round pintle end sitting in a yard i see everyday and not sure what model it is. can anyone id it? just found where the trailer section is hidden, mods, can you move this for me?

    In need of Dodge 12v owners opinions

    nice rig, good price, it will outlast that e350! do it, 12v are good to have, very little electronics.

    Junk Yard Finds And CB Antenna's

    the higher the better for antenna placement. you want minimal metal in the same plane as the transmission waves emanating from the antenna as this will increase SWR/reflection and reduce you transmission distance/strength. i have mine mounted at the top rear of the cab and i can talk for miles...

    Small Quiet Generator

    yamaha you can do a propane conversion to and warranty will still be good. hondas are nice too!

    Best Offroad GPS unit

    i have a lepan tc970 10" with back country navigator with downloaded offline maps of carious forms even topo. cheap too and built in gps.

    Best tablets for navigation?

    if it has a usb port, you can use usb antennas.

    Broke trans pan bolt!

    i would pull the pan off get the broken part out. check threads with a thread chaser ensure nothing is causing binding then put a new bolt in. you dont want anything getting in or out of that tranny.

    [Android] Back Country Navigator vs. Gaia GPS vs. Trimble Outdoor Naviagtor??

    ive been downloading whole states via back country navigator (utah level 15 was 1.9gig) i have a 32gig micro sd on my lepan tc970 and its wonderful! I am very happy with it. I can easily switch between road maps that are downloaded, TOPO, Satellite. All are for offline use!

    Any one used an Enigizer Marine Battery?

    i heard the optimas are having problems ever since they moved manufacturing to mexico. sad, they were dang good batteries

    Limited Slip or Locker for 2WD van

    just remember, a locker will get you into stuff that will be harder to get out of being 2wd or 4wd. I would do a selectable locker and be mindful of not getting in over your head. It would be an asset if you end up lifting a wheel off the ground traversing a trail and would work fine.

    Best tablets for navigation?

    i got a lepan 10" and like it.

    Lets see some full size pictures...

    Here is my rig... 01' CTD,warn 16.5k winch, home made winchplate/bumper, rv275 injectors, bhaf, D60f D80r, 35' duratracs, 6spd manny, this year gonna upgrade to led offroad lights, and a couple hids. some more maintenance for longevity then flatbed it later this year and put a slide on camper...

    iOS/Android topo map app capable of caching an entire (or multiple) states?

    using the back country navigator (purchased) and im liking it already! downloading large tiles. getting the whole rocky mtns in colorado and then all the good stuff in utah. outline the area and download it, that easy! i remember trying it out before with bad luck. but its worth it now. my...

    Best tablets for navigation?

    ahh yes i know that program, just havent seen the acronym mentioned till i joined ty sir!

    Best tablets for navigation?

    what is this BCN everyone mentions? ive tried searching but cant find anything

    Goodyear DuraTrac long term review

    i have 315/75-16" on my rig. love em! snow is no sweat and mud sand seems good so far. handling is good, noise... what noise! wear is great! i run mine about 55psi front/rear and rotate bout 4-5k mi. i will buy them again for sure! these are E rated as well. for 3/4 and 1 ton you dont want to...

    iOS/Android topo map app capable of caching an entire (or multiple) states?

    well you got to let it fully download the map first :) with 15 detailed layers it takes a bit.. *update* i checked it out again and it seems the trial version wont download the full map but it caches it as you go. ill purchase the colorado map and see how it does, ill be the guinea pig :)

    iOS/Android topo map app capable of caching an entire (or multiple) states?

    ive been seraching for a couple years to find a suitable topo map that doesnt look archaic like the USGS crayon maps that are free... stumbled across MEMORY-MAP. i have this on a lepan tc970 and they appear to be very similar if not the same maps that...