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  1. marret

    1979 Unimog with Overland Trailer on BAT

    1979 MOG BaT Listing Link No affiliation.
  2. marret

    2001 Kodiak C7500 4x4

    No affiliation. 2001 Chevy Kodiak C7500 4x4 -Ex US NAVY truck -29,000 original miles. -Marmon-Herrington 4x4, (not the normal 4x4 that the smaller Kodiak trucks had, the C7500 is essentially a semi truck with a pickup truck cab). -MT17 Front axle, rated at 14k lbs. -Allison 3650 6 speed...
  3. marret

    2008 GMC Savana Quigley-Weldtec Designs SMB

    I'm getting close to being finished with my van. :d8: Yeah, right. Capability wise yes. A heater is the last "major" item for new installation. Maybe a small solar panel. I have a portable 120 watt panel that works well. After that it would be modification of existing elements. The last...