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    Kammok Nomad

    Anyone come across this yet or have any input? Crosswing: The fastest deploying car awning. by Kammok — Kickstarter I'm trying to understand how well it deals with wind. I have two Hannibal Awnings and need a third awning for our cj5 beach cruiser.
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    Wiring help needed

    Hey all, Trying to wire up some new lights onto the trailer. These lights have two bulbs in each housing. Each bulb is fed with it's own live wire. I am trying to wire in a DPDT switch to allow the following two settings: position 1 - one bulb on each light on position 2 - both bulbs on each...
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    WTB Hella 4000s

    Euro beam preferred, pencil beam or cornering ok as well. Let me know what you have, need 6-8. Thanks Sam
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    ARB Hi-Lift Attachment point

    Brand new, just purchased from another forum member on here last week. As luck has it, the design of my ARB does not accomodate for this attachment point. $40 plus shipping and it's yours. -Sam
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    WTB : Tire chains / snow chains

    Looking for chains not cables. Potentially looking to get a full set for each of the trucks. Please let me know what you have. Tire sizes I am looking for: 265/75/16 265/65/18 33/12.5/16 Thanks Sam
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    Hub Questions

    Working on the new truck... ( I will leave the obscenities out), can't wait to have my old disco back on the road... Changing out the pads in the new truck and I find that 2 calipers have seized pistons...awesome... Rear passenger hub seems to be wet/leaking grease from around the stake nut...
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    Hannibal Impi vs Autohome Columbus

    Have my eye on this style of tent, would love to hear everyone's opinions especially those that have tried out both. Seems that the hannibal is about 50lbs heavier but comes with a 3" vs 2.5" mattress. Any other major differences? Hannibal is at around 1k less as well. Thanks Sam
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    CO2 setup

    For sale is a 20lb CO2 tank (half filled) and never used adjustable CO2 regulator (0-150psi). $150 can meet locally on the weekend for gas. Also have a shower setup (5gallon aluminum tank) and all fittings and hoses never used for $50 if interested. Located in Raleigh, NC. -Sam
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    Garage Sale

    All prices are negotiable, feel free to offer trades. I drive a LR Disco 2 for reference and am willing to trade for property in hawaii, moon rocks, diamonds, dodo eggs, nefertiti's bust or any camping/overlanding gear. I will ship CONUS and am willing to meet locally or to combine multiple...
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    Trailer ID and help

    Hey all, Three questions: First what type of trailer is this? Are my eyes deceiving me or is this a Military trailer? M101 perhaps? Second Question: $100 a fair price? Third Question: Until i start to build a nice cover for it and get an rtt, would the tub hold a reasonable sized ATV...
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    Enersys Genesis opinions

    Anybody used these before? I have the opportunity to purchase the XE95 Specifications here I'm seeing them for between 375-450$ They are an odyssey battery, to be accurate odyssey is...
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    Roller Fairlead and Clevis Hook

    Both brand new, fairlead was on my truck for 20 minutes, perfect like new condition. Clevis hook was never mounted. Make me an offer. -Sam
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    Ure 7

    Anyone going?
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    CO2 tanks & Shower tanks

    I have a few 5lb and 10lb CO2 that I just picked up. Here are pictures. Also have several aluminum kegs that can be converted into camp showers for very cheap(think zodi or coleman or hotjugz). You can directly heat these on your fire as well, and pressurize them with your air compressor...
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    Rear diff just let go

    All was going well till yesterday, noticed a lot of clunking when i lifted off the gas and was coasting. Today it got worse and was hearing a ton of gear whine. I was driving to pick up some parts for the truck from my local indy shop, lifted off the gas, got some clunking and some grinding...
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    98 4runner PM

    Guys, Doing a 120k mile service on a 98 4runner and wanted to know if there was a shopping list or any info available on what all needs to be done? Is there a mobil1 or k&n oil filter recommended or stick to stock? How much gear oil is needed? Anything special to service? Tranny filter? Fuel...
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    Complete CB Radio System $50

    I have a slim mount 40channel CB radio in great shape that comes with microphone, anti squelch and everything else you need to TX and RX. Quick jump to channel 9 & 19. Bought at RadioShack, very simple and easy to use.(MSRP $59.99)...
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    Ramsond 1500w Sine Wave Generator

    Anyone ever used one of these? Local guy has a few for sale, all look like new, says he bought them because the world was coming to an end, but is looking to get something even better. Claims they were only used once and will start em up for...
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    Ceramic bullets

    Talk to me here. Are they available? While everyone is pissing away about the whole lead bullet thing I wanted to look at alternatives. Steel is out. Other alloys are very expensive. Could ceramics work or do they lack the stopping force because they are too brittle. Is there a composite...
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    Kaymar wiring diagram

    Fellas, I've searched here and on ih8mud but can't find what I am looking for. I am not tring to wire up a trailer plug. I have a non led kaymar bumper and need to rewire up the bumper lights. There are 6 wires going to the light assembly, can anyone give me a heads up as to the label of each...