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    Yeah! Tire size questions once more!

    I am sure we need more threads about JKUR tire sizes so here we go... My plan from day one was to lift the jeep when the stock BFG Mud Terrain tires need replacing. But too bad for me they need to be done now and we are in the process of new siding, roofing, small entry addition and new garage...
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    22 BS thread

    I have been looking at upgrading my MKII stock as the one I have is the cheapest one that can be made. Was yours from the factory or did you upgrade it aftermarket? The scope is a Nikon p22 and a Griffin Checkmate QD suppressor. I also have a S&W MP15-22 with a Vortex Sparc, S&W Victory and a...
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    recommendations for a portable air compresor

    This is the ARB one I purchased a while ago. I liked the fact that I could move it from vehicle to vehicle if needed. Works great and holds all air tools/hoses that I have.
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    JKU vs JLU

    Those are two nice vehicles and I would not want to get rid of either. Sit down with the boss and reevaluate how to solve this. What is the core issue at hand? I would move and keep all the vehicles.
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    Polaris is about to screw the good folks at 4WD hardware

    Here in MN they have a very large following as their headquarters is in the Twin Cities.
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    Wrangler JL news

    Most customers at the dealership I work at do not like the ESS. It does work pretty seamlessly and will only work when many parameters are met (engine temp, battery level....) and can be shut of with a push of a button. But pushing one button every time you get in the vehicle is annoying to...
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    Jeep Wrangler sales remain strong

    I also special ordered my '17 JKUR and it arrived in 3 weeks. Much faster than I expected! Drove it home on 6/2/17.
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    Cheap Fridge <$400 shipped

    I was able to take it out of the packaging today. It was shipped in a larger used box cut down so that this will fit. Large foam corner protectors were taped to each corner. I could immediately see many scratches on the top. I could not get a good picture showing them. It looks like a...
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    Cheap Fridge <$400 shipped

    Sorry Presto88 and MikeInOH, I may have been the one to beat y'all out. I placed the order Friday night and it should arrive to my door on Thursday. I'll make sure to let everyone know the condition it is in. Paid $257.99 for the 43qt.
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    Well, I ordered an RTIC45 in Tan on April 30th for a trip to UT, we leave on the 24th of this month. I was first told it will ship on 5/31. Then I was told it will ship on 6/17. This is cutting it close for our trip so I grabbed an Igloo Yukon 70 at Costco. It is larger than I prefer but at...