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  1. Coachgeo

    Bob the Campulance. E350 Crestline Ambulance Build with Roof Raise.

    please post up your ambo build at
  2. Coachgeo

    M2 Freightliner Ambulance Conversion Project. 2007 Crew Cab

    are these military tires? are they not rated at 55 based on the weight and tire pressure the military ordered these tires to handle? AKA.. if your running less weight... and higher pressure that changes things. Look at similar load level tires by other manufactures who list speeds based on...
  3. Coachgeo

    Lmtv for full time living (no plan style)

    I've now got an m1079 box to sell. I was going to start converting it and then sell (just box) pm me
  4. Coachgeo

    CO may have just shut down many Expedition Truck builders

    more of the folk who have done importing as a biz . forum wise.. can be found hanging out a little bit at
  5. Coachgeo

    CO may have just shut down many Expedition Truck builders

    Im just a flunky... so verify with experts such as those who own similar companies.
  6. Coachgeo

    CO may have just shut down many Expedition Truck builders

    has nothing to do with importing...... only affects register/titling as on road vehicle in CO. IF you do not live in CO and your state has not taken up such matters..... (or are considering so) then your fine. If your looking at a business venture..... then before you bring them here... have...
  7. Coachgeo

    $200 5KW Portable Diesel Air Heater

    just saw they now sell a 3kw... got one for a friends van..... with insulation in small van thinking 3kw might be about right? I may get two 3kw for my ambulance box... use both when needed... like lazy cold day in afternoon sitting at desk on computer..... but only one near sleep area with a...
  8. Coachgeo

    Water purifying

    3gpm.. Need for speed cost more lol Though I'm not interested in hauling it all over to water source. Not sure why one even do that. Just have a non potable tank on rig and do filtering on board. Am thinking of having two systems on board. Potable...
  9. Coachgeo

    USMC M1030B1 Restoration

    Wish the company in India that bought all the patents / rights etc from HDT would do something with them beside sit them on a shelf as they appear to be doing right now btw.. what do these have for a flywheel? it is rumored the flywheel weight was massively dropped to accommodate the...
  10. Coachgeo

    Garmin Overlander

    look at dates of "real maps" inside a new atlas and you will discover that often they are decade(s) old. one of the advantages of digital is users ability to keep updating. Which begs to question..... what is the apps or software that allows for input by users so others can to take advantage...
  11. Coachgeo

    Point Five Ambo Build

    came here to report this too.... Im shocked. Ambo folk..... Pat was an amazing help in here and other places.... so leave a beer and a glass at an empty chair for him next time you venture out in your rig.
  12. Coachgeo

    Ski Bum Truck V2.0, F450 Rough Road RV

    same problem in my car.... can't find it. think im going to give up and do some sort of desiccant absorbing set up. Im thinking of a container with a top somehow of Calcium Chloride. Put top on when driving to keep it from spilling. This time of year you can buy it as Ice Melt.
  13. Coachgeo

    CO may have just shut down many Expedition Truck builders

    that was a part of how the rules read in the past. problem is the definitions are being changed so that various vehicles are now falling under rules they use not to fall.
  14. Coachgeo

    Grandpa: a 4x4 GM Type 1 Ambulance Conversion

    have heard of folk using wiffle balls put in a tank as a way to easily create baffles. Just did a quick net search and tadaaaaa
  15. Coachgeo

    M2 Freightliner Ambulance Conversion Project. 2007 Crew Cab

    ??? if you cut the straps won't the bike "fall off"???
  16. Coachgeo

    E350 10ft Box Van

    hmmm..... Your probably planning for this already............... but if not.... IMHO brush of tree limbs are going to rip out your solar wires.... consider go under the panels..... under each box. inside fixed tube or ?? over to the wire port . Maybe put the wire port under one of the boxes...
  17. Coachgeo

    M2 Freightliner Ambulance Conversion Project. 2007 Crew Cab

    While Im a little to late... since your into the build already...... since yours is going to get offroad.... how are you going to remove the bike if you flop on your side and you want to ride back out toward better cell signal or into town for parts orrr...? This is my main complaint...
  18. Coachgeo

    Anyone have experience with Hydrogen generators?

    did they break the engine back down afterwords to see how it looked inside? One reason am considering it myself is so can run home brewed fuels (black diesel etc) and worry less about ruining engine cause HHO will help keep engine clean and more completely combust the; not so perfect fuel...
  19. Coachgeo

    Anyone have experience with Hydrogen generators?

    End of his HHO journey does not mean someone else has not picked up the bucket of water and a battery since then:geek::poop:
  20. Coachgeo

    Fully built out LMTV with habitat -- $40k

    not true....... sorta...... matters how long ago .. 5 years ago your right..... but even just year and a half to two years ago... 20 grand for one gone thru after auction is not unheard off.