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  1. bentonrover

    WTB: 100 series landcruiser rear light guards

    Looking for a pair of rear tail light guards for a 100 series landcruiser. Any shape and color shipped to CT. Thanks
  2. bentonrover

    LX470 axle seals

    Looks like my seals are leaking pretty good. Diff is still pretty full but would like to change out before road trip. says both axle where replaced last year at 138k. When baselining I changed out the diff breather. Completely rusted shut. My guess why both was leaking from the...
  3. bentonrover

    LR3 V6 harmonic balancer/crankshaft pulley?

    On my 06 LR3 the crankshaft pulley delaminated. Rubber part came out. No worries since it did it in the driveway while warming up. Years ago I changed one on my Subaru wagon with the breaker bar and crank of the starter trick. Wonder if its the same easy way. Hopefully its not the same as...
  4. bentonrover

    LR3 grind/groan start?

    I've got a 06 LR3 V6 (110k) for the past 4 years. Been extremely reliable and a great family hauler. It used to be maybe 2 times a year I get what sounds like a grind when starting/cranking the rig over. It always fires up but the sound always got to me. Now its happening more frequently...
  5. bentonrover

    Gap tool tight tolerance alignment

    Was wondering on this for future alignments on my LR3. Should my settings be at entry level, normal, or offroad height? Also should I make adjustments prior(on the way or parking lot) ? Or while on the alignment machine? Thanks
  6. bentonrover

    90 FJ62 for trade?

    I have a stock fj with 118k up for trade. Looking for another rover. Range classic or even a P38. New to Toyota and couldn't pass down a deal on it. I put about 2k miles on it in about 2 years. Just used as a backup vehicle for my LR3. Located in CT I can't seem to upload pics. Please...
  7. bentonrover

    LR3 gap tool car configuration update?

    Was going through the gap tool menu and notice car configuration to be done. New gap tool got it a month ago. Should I just download it? Anything I need to do afterwards? Just checking to see if there would be any benefit to it.
  8. bentonrover

    lr3 gap tool suspension value?

    Was wondering if someone knows the number I can put in for a minor lift. Didn't want to do the whole trial and error thing. Is there a chart? I recently came across 255 70r 18 and they do rub. Slightly over speed bump as such. Think it measure about 32". Thanks 06 LR3
  9. bentonrover

    LR3 transmission update

    I was at Rover dealer picking up a oil filter when I ask about this. He said they will do it cause it may damage my tranny. I told him that I read on forums that with a fluid, filter change and an update should help with the typical back lash. He said its to old to have an update done. He...
  10. bentonrover

    LR3 Transmission service flush

    Was wondering if anyone state side done this. Seems to be big over seas. My indy quote me near $1k for a drain and fill with a new filter. Half the fluid still in the torque converter? There is a euro shop close by thats willing to do the flush with a machine for $350. Seems like a great...
  11. bentonrover

    Gear tooth missing.

    So I've been getting this weird sound on deceleration. Transfercase was rebuilt last year. So after going through all the motions of diagnosing everything else I decided to check the fluid. Metal flakes and chips. After screaming to the holy heavens and rover gods for pay backs (former hard...
  12. bentonrover

    Deceleration Sound/Grind ?

    Been on the mud site here and there. Kinda of hard to get an answer from them guys in a reasonable time. On a 1990 fj62 with 116k on it I hear a whirling sound upon decel. It goes away if I give it gas or put it into neutral. When I put the truck in neutral when slowing down to a stop. No...
  13. bentonrover

    Fj62 or Rangie classic 1990

    Hey guys been a wheeling buff for years. Outdoorsmen at best. Really respect the game. I been a rover fanatic for years owning a 04 freebie, 98 disco, and a p38. Wheeled each very hard with the disco being the best for that. The freelander being the more comfortable and very reliable until...