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    New kid on the block! AWD Transit with composite camper AEONrv

    Have any of these been delivered to customers yet?
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    Ford F550 Cube Truck

    Interior photos here:
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    1995 Provan Tiger 4x4 Chevy 350 New Engine $55k

    Yeah these flippers are everywhere these days.
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    2015 All Terrain Warrior-Alpha Camper - For sale - $300,000.00 OBO

    This photo of your vehicle below suddenly makes a lot more sense now.
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    Total Composites Slide In Camper Kits

    It's probably been asked before, but can anyone tell me about the weight capacity in the bed area? For instance, Wolverine 8 has a full 60" overhang, so a queen size bed would fit. How much weight capacity can it hold? Is there any reason to worry? For instance... what if you had 1000# up...
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    2008 Ford F450 Lariat 4x4 and Host Camper $65,000

    It says 4x4 on the decal on the rear of the bed (photo 2). Although, I guess that doesn't mean it has 4x4 (someone could have added it) but... I think it's safe to assume it does :)
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    2000 F250 with stock 7.3L / 2020 OEV CampX #40

    I feel bad for people like this. Total delusional.
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    Sounds like FORD’s going to offer another engine choice for the Tremor

    The turbos on these modern 3.5's are so reliable. The new 5.0L's have a bunch of crap added to them, they aren't the same anymore.
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    *Sold* 2020 F450 DBL Design MRAP super single conversion 6100 miles - PRICE DROP100k

    That's nice. Really nice. What are those fenders on there? Who makes those?
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    2005 Dodge Ram 2500 with XP/Nimbl Camper $129,000 - low miles

    Nice setup! Wow, a 2012? Can't believe it has been a decade. That must be one of the very first units. It's nice to see that these are so well built that they are easily lasting a long time. GLWS.
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    ISO shiftpod tent

    You going to burning man? Seems like everyone at burning man uses these.
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    Finally!! Direct bolt 1 piece aluminum 20x11 super singles F450/F550

    Was there anything more on these wheels? Are you still selling them, is there a way to order them?
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    Spectacular 2012 Mitsubishi Fuso fg $129,000

    Hello. Can you tell me the interior height, and also the height inside the shower? Thanks.
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    2015 All Terrain Warrior-Alpha Camper - For sale - $300,000.00 OBO

    Yeah looks like it was for sale here by the same poster in August and September 2021 for $250,000. Also appears to...
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    Unique ER

    I remember when they made these. A long time ago they offered them on Reg Cab/Super Cab/Crew Cab, all at different body lengths. Obviously they determined later on (correctly) that having 3 different body sizes didnt make much sense. So sticking with crew cab and the same body made sense. This...
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    F450 4x4 Class C Expedition Motorhome

    8mpg is very optimistic. I had one of these and got closer to 7mpg. But if you are towing (like the 2nd photo) then it will be closer to 6mpg. Still not that bad for someone who doesn't drive long distances. Can take this thing down the baja or something and have a blast.
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    2008 Hummer 44" BOGGERS KING COILS OVERS Rock Crawler 4x4

    This thing is old school bad-ass. Cool vehicle! I thought boggers were for mud though, not rock crawling?