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  1. grogie

    Care and Maintenance of a Tepui RTT

    So just after returning from a two week, 3500 mile camping trip out west, and other then attending the upcoming Overland Expo East this coming October, this is wrapping up the third summer with my Tepui Ayer RTT that I have mounted on my trailer. I wanted to get some advice on care and...
  2. grogie

    Review: Helinox Sunset Chair

    So in another thread I had read about Helinox chairs, including the larger Sunset model that includes a taller backrest/headrest. I had stopped by a local REI who had the regular model on display that has no full backrest, but none to buy and none of the larger Sunset models. For the regular...
  3. grogie

    Turbo Toilet Review

    So is it true that bears poop in the woods? All jokes aside, since I just left a comment about my Turbo Tent in another thread, I thought I'd also mention their Turbo Toilet (made by Black Pine Sports) that I bought last summer, which I believe is a new product for them. With having a Jeep I’m...