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  1. Peter_n_Margaret

    Long road to nowhere.

    The Simpson Desert, Oz. About 700km and 1100 sand dunes. Cheers, Peter OKA196 motorhome
  2. Peter_n_Margaret

    Pb vs. LiFePO voltage sag

    Does no damage. The battery chemistry slows down the discharge rate until it catches up. LA batteries come as high recombination and low recombination. The typical difference is the number and thickness of the plates. More plates = faster chemical reaction to accept charge or deliver power...
  3. Peter_n_Margaret

    Winch Options

    Poor policy to pass judgement on something you don't understand? Two cables (of identical length and each sufficiently strong to act alone) to a single attachment point on the vehicle ensure that the winch ALWAYS points exactly towards the pull anchor which in turn ensures that the cable lays up...
  4. Peter_n_Margaret

    Winch Options

    This is a Warn 16.5Ti. Cheers, Peter OKA196 motorhome
  5. Peter_n_Margaret

    Isuzu F series v Unimog

    Yep. Our cab is 1900mm. The house is 2160mm. That is a tad too wide, but it makes for a comfortable house. Cheers, Peter OKA186 motorhome
  6. Peter_n_Margaret

    Isuzu F series v Unimog

    Wide track vehicles tend to have significantly more tyre problems on Oz desert tracks because the Toyota size vehicles keep them clear. Pre OKA, I purchased a 1986 1300L, but changed my mind in favor of something with smaller track and cheaper parts. The Unimog is a spectacular off road...
  7. Peter_n_Margaret

    Barbed Hooks...

    They can also be removed from the fish easily and without so much damage for catch and release of unplanned catches, or undersize fish. Cheers, Peter OKA196 motorhome
  8. Peter_n_Margaret

    Isuzu F series v Unimog

    What do you want to do with this machine when it is completed? There are some about in Oz, but in my view Unimogs are simply too big and too wide for many tracks in this country. Cheers, Peter OKA196 motorhome
  9. Peter_n_Margaret

    Pb vs. LiFePO voltage sag

    "Dot points". Voltage sag (if everything else is OK) is battery chemistry. This is a significant limitation with LA. It can not keep up with the demand. BUT, it will recover if you reduce the load and smaller loads will be fine. There is no loss of total stored power caused by high voltage drop...
  10. Peter_n_Margaret

    Looking to upgrade recovery gear. Long handle folding shovel, and tow rope recommendations.

    Why do you want a "tow rope"? I carry 2T straps (seat belt) of various lengths with loops at each end that can be joined together and I carry a winch extension rope. Cheers, Peter OKA196 motorhome
  11. Peter_n_Margaret

    Question about driving heavy vehicle in EU

    You might consider hiring or buying gas cylinders (usually 13kg) when you arrive instead of bringing your own. You may also need a readily available pack of filling adaptors as different countries use different threads. Electrical power input is 230V 50hz if that is required. If you are...
  12. Peter_n_Margaret

    Building a Chinese expedition truck, possible ?

    My new build is concentrating on serious weight reduction. It includes this "one off" HDPE part. It is a bumper bar. Cut out of flat sheet with a jig saw, hot bent and then welded. Stronger, tougher and much lighter than the original steel bumper. Cheers, Peter OKA196 motorhome
  13. Peter_n_Margaret

    Building a Chinese expedition truck, possible ?

    I suggest that one off hot air welded HDPE tanks are no more expensive than one off S/S. In this case, I took 2 rotomoulded tanks, cut a piece off one and welded it to the other to provide greater capacity. The LH side is for potable water (200L) and the RHS is 70L for grey water. Cheers...
  14. Peter_n_Margaret


    The inner ones are handled very rarely and by mechanics. The wheel ones are messed about with often and by ... ... ... ... ... (insert suitable expletive). Cheers, Peter OKA196 motorhome
  15. Peter_n_Margaret

    Building a Chinese expedition truck, possible ?

    That is not a problem. The water will run off the solar panels onto that small piece of exposed roof. It only needs a lip of 1.5mm to then collect in a corner. It could be directed to where you want to collect it with a piece of string under some sticky tape. Stainless is my last choice for...
  16. Peter_n_Margaret

    Building a Chinese expedition truck, possible ?

    Here is another option for the roof. If it is going to rain, at least have the option to collect it. A light shower can fill the tanks. Cheers, Peter OKA196 motorhome
  17. Peter_n_Margaret

    XPS Sandwich Panels availability in the US

    I am currently building my second fibreglass sandwich panel vehicle in Oz. The first is now 18 years on the road. The second will also feature closed cell polyurethane foam and a frameless construction (except for the floor which will be closed cell PET foam for better crush strength). XPS...
  18. Peter_n_Margaret

    12v Air conditioning vs mini Split

    It is likely that a small Mitsubishi Heavy Industries split will use less power than a 12V unit at full power. They are also powered by inverter motors so efficiency at low power settings will be much better than 12V units. They will also be cheaper. They are the unit of choice in Oz to run from...
  19. Peter_n_Margaret

    Building a Chinese expedition truck, possible ?

    Delete the roof vents and use the space to maximise solar. Have a sliding window in the bathroom to allow it to stay slightly open while driving. Other windows are best as hoppers for better ventilation. Diesel heating? Cheers, Peter OKA196 motorhome
  20. Peter_n_Margaret

    Solar configuration for powering 12v A/C

    Now that is settled :) I suggest you also compare domestic A/C units with your 12V version. 12V stuff like this is a tiny market. Normal household stuff is very high volume by comparison, so is often much cheaper and much better, especially in power consumption efficiency. Look at the small...