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  1. jymmiejamz

    JW Speaker LED 7" 8700 Headlamps

    Packaged and ready to ship. Open to reasonable offers.
  2. jymmiejamz

    Rigid Radiance 30" Light Bar

    Sold via Facebook Marketplace.
  3. jymmiejamz

    JW Speaker LED 7" 8700 Headlamps

    I pulled these off of a Defender I just bought and replaced with Halogen. They work great, but I don't care for the LED look. Good condition with some minor imperfections due to on/off road used. Includes 2 headlamps. Direct replacement for most vehicles that utilise a 7" round headlamp and...
  4. jymmiejamz

    Rigid Radiance 30" Light Bar

    I pulled this off of a Defender I just bought. Tested and works fine. It can be dimly lit or full bright. Light bar with about 2' of wiring included. Nothing else is included. Overall good condition with no obvious flaws, however this came off of a vehicle that was used off road so expect some...
  5. jymmiejamz

    Sand Rover?

    I wouldn't be surprised if a Discovery had a better power to weight ratio than a V6 LR3. I'm sure if the only vehicles you have ever driven are Land Rovers, then you wouldn't think an LR3 is underpowered, but in the real world, they are pretty slow. The 5.0 is awesome and has plenty of power...
  6. jymmiejamz

    Sand Rover?

    An LR3 is fine in the sand as long as you disengage DSC. My family has had a beach house in Corova since 2001 and we've owned pretty much every type of Land Rover. I'm sure you've probably seen cars on the beach there, so the make doesn't really matter. The biggest issue with the LR3 and RRS on...
  7. jymmiejamz

    Superwinch Husky Winch

    Yes, they are out of production, but I think a lot of places still have new ones in stock. What remote do you have? Mine is the old style red aluminum one.
  8. jymmiejamz

    LR3 Tire Installation

    If they are doing an alignment, have them drive onto the alignment rack in standard height and then do the alignment with one of the doors ajar so the suspension will not adjust. As far as the tires go, the only thing to watch out for is the air suspension compressor when lifting (if using a...
  9. jymmiejamz

    The official TRIARII build

    Sounds like a crappy rebuild to me.
  10. jymmiejamz

    The official TRIARII build

    So do you regret buying your motor from the UK?
  11. jymmiejamz

    A quick drive through Burrow Wash in our 1995 Camel Trophy Discovery

    I'd take that music over a RTT and trailer of shame.
  12. jymmiejamz

    Best spark plugs for LR3 HSE

    Why? I've never seen a spark plug fail in a Land Rover. In fact, the only time I have ever seen a spark plug actually cause a misfire was an aftermarket plug in a D1. As a general rule, I recommend cutting the factory service intervals in half, but I wouldn't hesitate to leave spark plugs in...
  13. jymmiejamz

    LR3 cracked dashboard thread

    It has been so long since I have had one apart, I can't really visualise it, but googling "LR3 interior" and "LR4 interior" make that look promising. The instrument cluster would me the main area of concern based on an assembled picture.
  14. jymmiejamz

    LR3 cracked dashboard thread

    Wow! I've never seen one anywhere close to that bad. Still better than Leatherface.
  15. jymmiejamz

    Discovery SVX at LA Auto Show

    You mean like Land Rover's Active Cornering Enhancement that came out in 1999. Probably has to do with crash testing if this vehicle is to become a standard production model.
  16. jymmiejamz

    Please talk me out of my irrational desire for a Disco

    The sleeve has nothing to do with the cooling system, but you probably had a cracked block.
  17. jymmiejamz

    BFG - White In / White out

    If you have to ask, you bought the wrong vehicle.
  18. jymmiejamz

    New sticker... and an oil Leak.

    Did you recently have an oil change done? I bet either the filter or drain plug is loose, assuming it is engine oil leaking. Those motors don't typically leak oil.