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  1. FJOE

    Anyone in Mozambique?

    I am not and was not aware of that, thanks!!
  2. FJOE

    Anyone in Africa ??

    I'm here!! Waiting on my vehicle (maybe a little over a month)
  3. FJOE

    Another 100 series, my first Toyota

    With the Ironman accessories and you having a D Max, where do you live?
  4. FJOE

    Anyone in Mozambique?

    Maputo? I'm here for a while. Will soon have my 03 Tacoma with me. Reply or private message me.
  5. FJOE

    Oz to Norway via West Africa

    In my own experience in east and west Africa, vehicles that look overtly military (such as your paint scheme and canvas top) do attarct unwanted attention sometimes, especially given the language barriers. This is dependent on the specific areas you are traveling in. Plan carefully. Many groups...
  6. FJOE

    Anyone in Africa ??

    Will be in Mozambique in June 2021 for a long time.
  7. FJOE


    I took a '95 T100 DX to the Middle East for 2 years ('16-'18) and brought it back. It was a great truck. Do the Aisin hub swap in the front, and rebuild them yourself. Parts are still available from Toyota. Swap in the factory CD player from the same year SR5 4Runner to retain the stock look but...
  8. FJOE

    Train horn

    I'm digging that RTT and I bet ARB can make one of those front bumper/mirror mount things and it would be about 1200.00
  9. FJOE

    Inside Tour of our GXV Turtle, How we live in 100 square feet.

    That's awesome! You always see still photos of these monsters but never get to see video of the inside as someone would live in it. It's always at a trade show or something like that. I love those IKEA folding hooks. I live in a "tiny home" as they say (its really a cabin) and so I'm always...
  10. FJOE

    Looking for 100 series

    I have driven the 200 series both armored and stock in a lot of places. I will add that it is a very capable vehicle in stock form, even on technical terrain. It also cruises down the highway at 80mph without vibrating the fillings out of your mouth.
  11. FJOE

    fire extinguisher recommendation requested

    This thread deserves to be a stickie at the top of the recovery forum.
  12. FJOE

    Thinking about dropping the hi-lift

    I carried the stock Toyota bottle jack, and the Harbor Freight aluminum floor jack on a DMZ Fab skid. Best two things I've ever used. I had 4 hockey pucks as well that I would use with the floor jack for a little extension if needed.
  13. FJOE

    Just Picked up my first Overland project truck!!! 1996 T100, 3.4, 4x4, 240,000 miles. What to do first?

    I had a '95 DX and took it overseas with me. Aftermarket support can be pretty tough. I can send you a CAD drawing for a front skid to replace the plastic one. The company that made mine from aluminum was in NC and was top notch. Aisin hub swap for sure. Parts department at Olathe Toyota in KS...
  14. FJOE

    Say Goodbye to Your CB Radio

    I've used Midland FRS/GMRS products (to include the Micro Mobiles) in several places abroad to include the Middle East. No issues at all.
  15. FJOE

    Guided Himalayan trip

    Nath- I have a contact if you need one. Solid guy, was with me from beginning to end the last time I was in Nepal. Just started his own guiding outfit, but been doing it his whole life. PM me if you're interested.
  16. FJOE

    Troy PAR

    The Remington 7600 is basically a pump action .30-06 based on the 870 platform that fires from a box magazine. Great rifle.
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    SOLD. Thanks all.
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    Battery Jumper cable recommendations?

    It's not overland fever unless your cables have their own roof rack/360 awning.
  20. FJOE

    Palisades Parkway Morning Commute Convoy

    I would post this in the NE regional board, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of activity there. Every morning, I commute down the Palisades Parkway from the NY/NJ state line towards the GW bridge. Most days I see the same black Tacoma with bumpers, lift, etc. This morning, I saw not only...