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  1. Paddler Ed

    The "Expedition hat" thread

    Had Barmah hats for over 10 years (2 of) and they were abused - first one was worn every day working as an Outdoor Activity instructor, rain hail or shine. Would be clipped in my canoe on whitewater if I had a helmet on, was worn swimming quite often, just abused. Eventually even the 2nd one got...
  2. Paddler Ed

    Random dog shots

    And we still have 3 (1 to find a new home) hanging around at the moment; these 2 will go off to new homes (Tally in the foreground is the one who is still looking for a new home) The one in the background is a good camping dog, along with the one who is staying with us; no luxury for these...
  3. Paddler Ed

    SAR Vehicle Photos

    Just found this on Autocar (if you can tolerate the Please let us use adverts) and thought it might be of interest for some people here. It's a bit light on the configuration of the body, but gives you some ideas:
  4. Paddler Ed

    Brand new TroopCarrier and HZJ79 Single/Double Cab, starting at $43000usd...

    If the same as the skinny's here in Australia, 235/85R16 or 225/95R16 (which is what I think they are on now)
  5. Paddler Ed

    New Bronco

    This will be interesting in terms of how it pans out being sold in to the European Market (LHD only, so not the UK or Ireland)
  6. Paddler Ed

    Best $200 (or less) Tool Kit for College Student?

    I used to run a Victorinox Swiss tool as that was the limit of what I could fix - ie if it needed that, then I was OK - more than that and I was out my depth. Over the last 10+ years I've been running a Crescent set that goes up to 19mm and 3/4", with both 3/8 and 1/2" drive ratchets (and...
  7. Paddler Ed

    BuhBye older Delicas…you can’t register them any more in Maine (is this the start of scary and problematic new trend?)

    No This is wrong. You can drive a temproarily imported vehicle that is LHD.,on%20defence%20exchange%20in%20Australia You can drive and register a LHD vehicle that are over...
  8. Paddler Ed

    INEOS Grenadier

    AU$96k for me (not even driveaway, so I've still got rego (~$1k), stamp duty (~$4K) and other fees to pay on top of that), probably over $!00k out the door.... which puts it up against a basic Land Cruiser 300 in price. Which was a bit excessive for a...
  9. Paddler Ed

    New Defender News

    Autocar is reporting the launch and orderbook opening on the 31st May for the 130:
  10. Paddler Ed

    INEOS Grenadier

    John Deere is the last one I'd partner with. The reason they have a huge network is because they've locked everyone else out of their systems - and I suspect that they'd want the same model for Ineos. They keep getting dragged into the courts (globally) over the right to repair; as they state in...
  11. Paddler Ed

    INEOS Grenadier

    A bit more commentary from Autocar of Ineos' sales model in the UK: Stand out quote was from one of the ag dealers: “The Grenadier is the boss’s car, while pick-ups are...
  12. Paddler Ed

    International Scout to resurrected as EV's

    The IPO approach I think aligns with how some other manufacturers are scaling up and the spinning out a different sales model for EVs - for example, look at Geely with Volvo and Polestar. Polestar was the performance bit of Volvo once Volvo bought and brought them in house, but it was decided...
  13. Paddler Ed

    Random dog shots

    We've got 6x 9 week old Kelpie pups at the moment, and they're still playing sardines in the kennel: They're going to be a decent size when they finish growing; the dam (our dog) is 20kg, but the sire is about 25kg and a bit heavier set - this lot all have the dam's colours, but they look like...
  14. Paddler Ed

    New Bronco

    The (half-)sibling of the Bronco is getting updated in Australia: "The current 3.2-litre five-cylinder turbo diesel has been dropped. The new standard engine – previously optional – is the...
  15. Paddler Ed

    INEOS Grenadier

    So Ineos won't be selling to the fleets over here; 2 outcomes from that: 1) No volume sales 2) Strong(er) residuals Why won't they be selling to fleets? They won't be getting a 5* ANCAP crash rating due to not including a range of driver aids...
  16. Paddler Ed

    Does a 230 mile/charge range make you more or less likely to buy a Lighning?

    Couple of bits beginning to shake through here in Australia, who tend to sit very much on the fence for EV adoption. 600km range (400miles) and 4 minute battery swap, with swap-over places planned every 400km...
  17. Paddler Ed

    Land Rover ideas for Jeeps

    ^That style of rack has been around for a few years in the UK for paddlers - a mate's relatives founded Karitek many years ago (getting onto 20+ years ago)
  18. Paddler Ed

    INEOS Grenadier

    Bit more shaking out on the ordering process for here in Australia:
  19. Paddler Ed

    Random dog shots

    Got 6 pups last night. Ours is Kelpie X Collie, Dad is property bred red Kelpie.
  20. Paddler Ed

    Anyone regret adding a UTE Tray and Canopy on their Truck? Longevity? Looking at Norweld Tray and canopy

    Here's a bit of a read on the story of the Ute - it's why the red Holden (with the Chevy badge on it.... it does have a Chevy V8 in it) is a ute, and my Land Crusier and Daihatsu aren't: