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  1. bentonrover

    Salsa Red 200 - Mild Build

    Looks great. Pretty rare color?
  2. bentonrover

    WTB: 100 series landcruiser rear light guards

    Looking for a pair of rear tail light guards for a 100 series landcruiser. Any shape and color shipped to CT. Thanks
  3. bentonrover

    LX470 axle seals

    Looks like my seals are leaking pretty good. Diff is still pretty full but would like to change out before road trip. says both axle where replaced last year at 138k. When baselining I changed out the diff breather. Completely rusted shut. My guess why both was leaking from the...
  4. bentonrover

    2 LR3 maintenance questions

    Very smart idea Victory....
  5. bentonrover

    2 LR3 maintenance questions

    I changed my own diff fluids out 3 times to get the fluid looking good. Just do another couple of drain and fills and you should be good.
  6. bentonrover

    LR3 cracked dashboard thread

    Yeah that looks pretty bad
  7. bentonrover

    LR3 V6 harmonic balancer/crankshaft pulley?

    Did you have to take the fan or radiator out? Did you use a puller too? Thanks
  8. bentonrover

    LR3 V6 harmonic balancer/crankshaft pulley?

    On my 06 LR3 the crankshaft pulley delaminated. Rubber part came out. No worries since it did it in the driveway while warming up. Years ago I changed one on my Subaru wagon with the breaker bar and crank of the starter trick. Wonder if its the same easy way. Hopefully its not the same as...
  9. bentonrover

    LR3 grind/groan start?

    Dont sound like that no. I tried recording it several times. Just never did it while I had the camera out. Truck definitely starts faster. Ill continue with this for now. When I get a chance pull the starter and get it tested
  10. bentonrover

    LR3 grind/groan start?

    Got the battery tested and it failed. It was also undersized. It was for a LR2 said the mechanic. Purchase from a automall who probably got it from an auction. We'll see. Thanks
  11. bentonrover

    LR3 grind/groan start?

    I've got a 06 LR3 V6 (110k) for the past 4 years. Been extremely reliable and a great family hauler. It used to be maybe 2 times a year I get what sounds like a grind when starting/cranking the rig over. It always fires up but the sound always got to me. Now its happening more frequently...
  12. bentonrover

    2008 LR3 Groaning at Speed

    Yup I had a cheaper one put on same problem. No vibes or movement either just noise. All is well
  13. bentonrover

    my worst land cruiser adventure:

    Wow and to think I wont drive my FJ62 cause of leaky hubs. Time for me to man up huh? Great story.
  14. bentonrover

    How many miles is "too many" for an LR3

    Wow he dropped it 10 grand? Non close up pics always worried me in ads. But to answer your question its nothing seeing early ones with 200 plus on them. Granted all the known issues would have been taking care of by then. Like any rover check for records. Tons of these on the open market...
  15. bentonrover

    Need some tech help in buying an LR3

    Make sure that cowl is tight against the windshield. If not you will get water in the cabin
  16. bentonrover

    GX470 vs. LR3 (overland rig)

    He did ask the same question in the rover section. Only looking for advice. My advice well since you have the LR3 is to borrow a GX for a couple of days or wheel with someone who has it. I myself have a 06 D3. Pretty reliable. Just over 104k. Will it break? Yes it will no different then...
  17. bentonrover

    Land Rover Coffee Table Book

    This be it. Decent book for the collection