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  1. Scoutman

    Sheet set for an Exped MegaMat

    I figured I'd post this in case anyone is looking for sheets that fit their Exped MegaMat 10 LXW sleeping pad (or others of similar size). I found the dimensions of the pad to be similar to those of a split queen mattress ~30"x80" but then stumbled across sheets for sleeper cabs for big rig...
  2. Scoutman

    Denver Mattress- Overlander RTT mattress

    I stumbled across this today when looking at replacement mattress options for our CVT RTT. They don't make one big enough for our Mt. Denali (87" wide) but figured this may help someone else out there looking for a replacement mattress. No affiliation. Price is a bit high considering some...
  3. Scoutman

    Waxy contaminant in propane line

    My cook partner stove has not been running at full capacity lately. I started digging into the issue the other day and found a waxy/greasy yellowish substance in the stove end fitting on the line to the stove. I removed the schrader valve and cleaned things up with q-tips but it keeps coming...
  4. Scoutman

    Anyone with an AT Overland Summit?

    I've seen discussions on other truck shell pop-tops on here but am curious if anyone has an AT Overland Summit topper? If so I would love to hear some thoughts or discussion on how it's working out and see some ways you've built the bed area out.
  5. Scoutman

    Anyone here using an XP Campers tray/flatbed?

    We're considering changing our setup from a traditional tub bed to a tray bed (flatbed) and one of the options we've been looking at is the one from XP Campers. Does anyone on here run one and if so what's your experience? I don't see much about them unless they're paired with one of their...
  6. Scoutman

    OXWest-17 in a rental Sportsmobile

    So this trip report is coming up a year overdue. :eek: Last year we had an opportunity to meet back up with our friends at Adventure Travel Sports Rentals based in Golden, CO for another family trip in the rental Sportsmobile. We took a similar trip back in 2015 and fell in love with this van...
  7. Scoutman

    Yellow flame on partner stove

    Using our stove this weekend I noticed that my left burner wasn't burning the efficient blue flame it should. Anyone run into this and what was the fix? I assume something needs cleaning but haven't pulled it back out to check. Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
  8. Scoutman

    Remote monitoring of secondary battery and solar

    I'm planning out a charging system for a secondary battery to be mounted under the bed of the truck that will power the fridge, rtt, fan, etc. I have a diesel in my Dodge Ram which already has 2 batteries from the factory but as I've learned over running the fridge the past year or so, with...
  9. Scoutman

    SoCal teardrops propane tank bracket

    Does anyone have one of their propane tank brackets for a 10# tank that they could take some measurements or pictures of? I'm wanting to fit a bracket with tank in a tight space and so far theirs seems the most compact of the 3 I've found. (Adventure Trailers, Power Tank, SoCal TD's) This is...
  10. Scoutman

    Securing a Zodi Extreme water tank

    I picked up a NIB Zodi Extreme shower (no heater) for $40 the other day off of CL and am looking for a way to secure it to the wall of my truck bed. I would like to have it upright and close to the tailgate so I can use the pressurized water for cooking, washing dishes, rinsing off, filling dog...
  11. Scoutman

    Bed rack fabrication for RTT -- 06 Dodge Ram 3500

    I figured I was getting into this project far enough to post some progress here. The backstory is we had a pop up truck camper for a number of years and it turned into a huge repair project where I worked on it more than I was able to use it. In the end we as a family of 4 felt we were better...
  12. Scoutman

    Fridge in truck toolbox

    I just picked up a Dometic CFX-35 with the intent of placing it in my truck toolbox. Since I have an open truck bed and no space in the cab this will let me keep it secure and out of the elements and the convenience of having it with me all the time. One thing I need to address, after I get...
  13. Scoutman

    CVT Summit Series discussion

    So we're currently getting ready to pull the trigger on a large RTT and I have it narrowed down to a CVT Mt McKinley for our family of 4 to mount to my long bed Ram. Recently there have been new announcements from CVT products like the new color (green tent with brown fly) and now the Summit...
  14. Scoutman

    Sealed box for a BlueSea Fuse block and relays

    Out of all the fuse block installs that have been posted on here I see that most of them are not in a sealed box under the hood (you expo trailer guys excluded). Are there any issues with mud/water/general-under-hood-nastiness or should I be thinking about finding a suitable sealed box for it...
  15. Scoutman

    Chainmail scrubber

    I've used a number of things to clean my cast iron cookware but so far I have to say this one beats them all. I had not heard of one till I stumbled across it on Amazon one day looking at Lodge stuff and figured I'd give it a try. -Yes, it's metal and no it won't take the seasoning off...
  16. Scoutman

    LED work light on a tire carrier, options to think about?

    I'm building a swing out tire carrier on our XJ and one of the things I want to incorporate is a work light with a flood beam above the tire. When the carrier is swung open it would be pointing out at camp for setting up tents and such and could be adjusted (twist or pitch) to point where it's...
  17. Scoutman

    Starcraft slide in truck camper

    2006 Starcraft Pine Mountain (Lonestar floor plan) slide in-pop up- truck camper Excellent condition with little use. Will fit a 6.5' or 8' truck bed (has an 8' long floor) • 13.5k btu roof air conditioner • 20 gallon fresh water tank and 12 volt pump • 20# LPG tank (standard...
  18. Scoutman

    Propane tank sack for ~10# tanks

    If anyone is looking for a sack to protect your 10 or 11# propane tank (or to protect the things packed around your tank FROM your tank) then check this out. I was looking at stuff sacks online but found this one to be the right size when wandering through REI. It is a nice fit for the 10#...
  19. Scoutman

    Our Colorado backcountry adventure in a rental Sportsmobile

    We love the Colorado backcountry. We love family vacations and road trips. We love (what we call) Overlanding, camping, and 4-wheeling. So what better way to spend our summer vacation doing all that in one trip? Last year we learned of some new rental opportunities in Colorado that would...
  20. Scoutman

    Swivel table, what are my options?

    I'm looking to change up a few things in my truck camper and ditching the awkward and unsteady post table and getting a swing away swivel table seems like a better option. I know about the Lagun tables but when I looked them up they were $$$$. I'm looking for other options. Digging through...