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  1. blackduck


    Ive been talking to my exhaust guy about building a tailpipe out the RHS now ive got all that room after lifting and relocating the tanks. the factory dump pipe tends to cover the inside of the RH rear wheel from time to time which is fine until it becomes a front wheel So hes telling me on a...
  2. blackduck

    Blackduck Facelift

    Face lift project part one get those bloody fuel tanks up off the ground LHS saddle tank lifted 3" moved forward 4" so now the lowest part is the transfer case nothing I can do about that RH tank is next Then im thinking parabolics been meaning to do the suspension since 2009 but ATW didnt...
  3. blackduck

    testing the waters

    It looks like my travelling days are over and im destined to spend the rest of my life paying the mortgage I never wanted with 2 bikes and a car the canter isnt getting the sort of use it should apart from the occasional run to the hardware store and boat ramp So im tossing up its future If...
  4. blackduck


    I note that alans threads have disappeared from the forum I did note that some of the posts relating to the trax he had developed were for some reason scrubbed from his project build thread not sure if this is a free speech issue. (funny old term free speech) it would be a pity to think that...
  5. blackduck


    I need to make some room cause im buying to many toys Ive got a full set of stock 5 stud rims off my FG with good rubber free to a good home (or the appreciative case of beer if you feel the need) only problem is they are in WA (thats Western Australia not Washington):) if you think theyve got...
  6. blackduck


    Running my FG on standard 16" rims with BS 7.50's on my speedo has an 8% deficiency that is at 100kph on the dial my road speed is 92Kph (GPS) If I fit 19.5s when I put singles on will the larger diameter wheel tyre rectify this problem or will I have to fit a compensator to the speedo drive...
  7. blackduck


    Have been looking at getting new front tyres on the truck and was suprised to find out that outside of metropolis not many tyre dealers actually balance anything bigger than a car tyre Then I came accross DYNABEADS good concept and has some good feedback on motorcycle forums they also have a...
  8. blackduck


    Just curious if im the only waeco owner on the planet that has to repair thermistors on a regular basis The CF80 & 110 comes with 2 fitted thermistors (obvious waeco expects problems) and ive now gone through both of them now i could send it off to the waeco doctor hand over a couple of hundred...
  9. blackduck

    BY REQUEST- MY FG SWB (the 20 cent tour)

    As requested by John of ATW fame (yes I take requests) this is the tour of my 07 649 extra SWB The Truck the concept behind the design of the body was to carry all my wordly possesions and have a "ready in a minute" sleeping area the top half is a no clutter accomodation area that we use when...
  10. blackduck

    on the road again

    yeah we are finaly on the move again after 2 years in perth taking care of family / grandkids and weddings we have finnaly packed the canter, hooked up the van and are in motion next stop darwin in about 12 months time then across the top back to queensland which completes the first...
  11. blackduck

    serious water crossing somthing i found on the net hope the link works
  12. blackduck

    MAXTRAX and the FG mitsi

    With the festive season upon us santa assures me Ive been good and is pestering me as to what he should slide down the old chimney Just wondering if anyone has used maxtrax in anger on somthing that weighs more than 2.5 tonne By the look of the glossie advertising they appear to be the goods...
  13. blackduck


    hi all im new to the forum and would just like to say how nice it is to find a like minded group who when they talk about trucks theyre not talking abouy landcruisers im in the process of building up my 07 FG and trust i can get some great ideas from you guys