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    19.5 stockton wheels for sale

    hey there selling 4 stockton 6 hole fuso 19.5 wheels with toyo 608z 295/70 19.5 tires. tires are more than 50% worn but still got some treat. asking a $1000 must be picked up, no shipping cheers lehel
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    chiptune dpf delete problems

    hello all im sad to report chiptune in austrailia is not yet up to speed on the us fuso, the fuso specific diagnotic tool supplied only by fuso and only to dealers, or the dealers abilities to do a final program process that is require. i am having to return my truck back to stock with dpf and...
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    hello all finally a dpf delete for the fuso. chip tuning in Australia finally got it. i am very happy with the way my 08 fuso fg is now running and i am looking forward to seeing the increase in fuel economy and power. no more worries about where i can travel because of the non sulfur diesel...
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    overland rally in holister

    hello all well, our camper is pretty much finished. so we decided to head for the overland rally in holister early oct, it was a fantastic experience. there was a weekend of classes, many of which were held in the holister 4wd park obsticle courses. we never expected we might be able to...
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    first breakdown !!

    hello all well, we've had our first unexpected breakdown on our 08 fuso fg. i havn't had a chance to do a writeup of our last trip and camper progress but thought i'd at least get this info down. we have about 20000 miles on our truck now, and as you might imagine we have not expected...
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    Lehel and Laura's New Camper

    hello all well, here it is. the new camper. we have it set up to be easily removed with a forklift or jacks. it sits on a regular type flatbed. i hope i'll be able to load a few pic's now. the last one is some of the weather i encountered in the sierra's on the way home. the 395 hwy...
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    pictures ??????????????

    well. how about it. anyone willing to share how one goes about posting pictures here ?????? quite frankly i'm just about to give up on the whole thing here. i do appreciate the offers for help to post them for me, but i got a buisness to run and don't have the time or energy to hack my...
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    everything and anything to do with campers and camper box buildups for the fuso ??

    here's another tread for everyones camper info, camper building idea's ; ) cheers lehel and laura p.s. doug, i think you have had a great idea here. i hope to find lots of info as well as contribute to these treats
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    anything and everything to do with wheels, tires, and suspension for the fuso fg ?

    here's a new thread for wheels, tires and suspension upgrades for the fuso cheers lehel and laura p.s. were in the process of having stockton wheel in stockton calif build us a set of 19.5 rims all around (singles for the rear) and plan to use the yokohama TY 303 285/70 19.5 tires. we had...
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    pivoting frames and mounting campers

    hey doug here you go ; ) look forward to seeing you at the expo cheers lehel and laura
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    overland expo ?

    hello all anyone else going to the overland expo in apr ?? me and laura are really excited about going after reading about it. we deciding weather to take our unimog camper and/or new fuso. would anyone like to convoy, we're in extreme northern calif and are thinking of heading down...
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    overland expo ??

    hiya all is anyone here going to the overland expo in april ?? me and laura are very excited about going after reading the info on it. we debating on witch vehical to bring, but may take both our unimog camper and new fuso (laura's been hanckering to drive it more ; ) if anyone would...
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    new fuso on the way ; )

    hello all well, we finally commited to our new fuso today, hopfully we will pick it up this friday from pioneer fleet services in sacramento. this unit comes with a 14 foot flatbed, and we have also ordered a second fuel tank which we'll have mounted in a week or so (the dealer is still...