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    canto guts single rear wheel choices ....

    Try here:
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    Advice on Refreshing a Gen 2.5

    If I were getting a recently purchased 2.5 I intended to keep for a while up to snuff, in addition to what's already been listed, I would also look at and consider the following: -Flush the brake fluid and inspect pads, if new rotors were needed then do the 315mm upgrade -Inspect and replace...
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    Gen 2 Hitch plate/recovery point strength

    What grade are the bolts? This isn't something you want to guess on. The implications of a failed recovery point can be fatal, a fact driven home by the accident in AZ that went viral last week...
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    How tough is it to source parts for a 2.5?
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    Pajero/Montero Gen 2.5 2"/50mm BL/Body Lift blocks and hardware specs

    "Standard grade (Grade 5) hardware is included in kits Dxx, includes longer bolts/nuts/washers for each body mount location Hardware may be upgraded to Heavy Duty (Grade 8) by ordering the HDxx option Hardware may be upgraded to Stainless Steel (316 alloy) by ordering the SSxx option"...
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    Help and Suggestions - Mitsubishi Canter 1997
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    "Betty White" 95 SR Restoration/ Diesel Build Thread.

    I don't feel the Cummins R2.8 as a particularly ideal swap candidate either, for various reasons, but there is a Delica owner currently installing one.
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    SYMMETRY 4WD 99/00 NL Pajero/Montero LWB Gen 2.5 Blister Fender 2.8 TD 4M40 - South Africa - Build

    The only real trick is on the driver's side CV, on a LHD vehicle, be sure to shove the CV all the way into the front diff before giving it a good solid yank to pull it straight out so that the spring clip doesn't hang up. Definitely stick with and reboot the OEM CVs, they're much better built...
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    SYMMETRY 4WD 99/00 NL Pajero/Montero LWB Gen 2.5 Blister Fender 2.8 TD 4M40 - South Africa - Build

    There should be a small metal plate riveted to the firewall at the back of the engine bay listing the model of motor, transmission, diff gearing, exterior color, etc. Also, I noticed in the title of this thread you indicated the truck is a TDI (Turbo Direct Injection), if it has the 4M40 I'm...
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    Gearing - Making the XR400 a better "adventure" bike

    It seems this may actually pan out. I placed orders for the requisite two gears mentioned above and they've both just shipped; hoping they arrive from Japan and the Netherlands by early next week. It was about $125 USD for both of them, including international shipping, which is pretty cheap...
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    SYMMETRY 4WD 99/00 NL Pajero/Montero LWB Gen 2.5 Blister Fender 2.8 TD 4M40 - South Africa - Build

    The gen 2.5 looks so much better w/o the factory side cladding it got here in the USDM. What 5MT does it have, V5MT3?
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    Advice on ADD/Adventure Driven Design & Siberian Bushings

    Luso would be a far better resource. Siberian bushings are well regarded and can be ordered directly from their site. Based on USDM Gen 2.5 VIN #s, they're known as V45W chassis, I'm not certain what differences there may or may not be between yours. You...
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    Gearing - Making the XR400 a better "adventure" bike

    Many years late to the party, but I've an XR400 I love for all the same reasons mentioned above, and in looking into addressing the same top end gearing dilemma stumbled upon not only this thread, but a similar one on ThumperTalk. It's author seemingly solved some of the issues in using the TRX...
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    98 Gen 2.5, where to get radiator

    Pretty sure Leo just posted the other day about organising another group buy for the custom aluminum radiators everyone seems to rave about.
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    JDM Mitsubishi Canter FG638E

    Cool truck, you'll have much better luck posting here:
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    Gen 3 Sport - Rear Spoiler

    I have one available, pics - PM if interested.
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    Installing an Ambulance Aluminium Box onto the back of a Mitsubishi Fuso Chassis?

    You'll have better luck posting here:
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    4x4 Fuso
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    Seeking Advice on stock 2007 Fuso FG suspension questions
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    Yeah, so this is happening...2.6 to '97 MS 2.4

    Seems to me you'd need to adapt a rack and pinion set up before going with the electric Prius conversion. I'm struggling to imagine how you'd make it work with it's current recirculating-ball steering configuration unless you can find a manual steering box that'll fit. I know there were...