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    Ford Transit chassis cab DIY composite camper

    After driving for the past 2.5 years a Ford Transit conversion and loving every minutes of it, i decided to take the plunge and take on the challenge to build a even bigger van for me, the wife and the 3 kids and the dog! We need more room! (kids age 4,5,7) Chassis 2019 Ford Transit...
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    wiring advice for 4x 6 volt battery to inverter

    i have a identical set up and my question is.... can the negative wire of the inverter be connected to the 3rd battery negative post instead of the negative post of the first battery in this diagram? My simple reason for this is i m very tight on cable length for the inverter and want to keep it...
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    Need help on 2012 F150 suspension improvement!!!

    i have a 2012 4wd F150 ecoboost and currently have a 2.5 spacer leveling kit, 33 duratrac E tires and some firestone airbag at the back. The truck as a fiberglass canopy that weight around 600lbs (800-900lbs loaded) permanently mounted to the truck. it s my camping expedition rig! my turck at...
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    camper resting on tailgate down.... ok or not ok???

    i purchased a old spacekap to build a tiny camper. It s the perfect kind of shell as they are very easy to make water tight....they are very aerodynamic and easy to put on and off and secure. i have a F150 5.5 bed so my idea in purchasing this 8 foot spacekap was to cut perhaps 12-24 inches of...
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    Aluminum camper pod build thread

    I was looking for a small camper that would allow me to go camping in remote location. I was simple and minimalist.... goal: fit F150 5.5 bed 250-300lbs total weight ( to be put on and off the truck with 2-3 friends... to legs insulated, king size bed No lose any of my 5.5 cargo box for...