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    SOLD: Price Drop- Fully Loaded XV2 Trailer $16,999

    Sent you a PM as well. Thanks, adrienne
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    SOLD: Price Drop- Fully Loaded XV2 Trailer $16,999

    SALE PENDING 2016 XVENTURE XV-2 off-road trailer from Schutt Industries Price: $16,999 Location: Seattle, WA Mileage: Approx 9,000 miles; Mostly paved and forest service roads. Great set up allows you to set up camp, then disconnect and go explore. Description and Specifications: Length...
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    **Sold***- James Baroud tunnel awning 79"x103"

    it did sell, thanks for the reminder to update the post. Cheers
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    **Sold***- James Baroud tunnel awning 79"x103"

    James Baroud tunnel awning 79"x103" Purchased new from Adventure Ready and mounted on my trailer by them. Turns out I don't really need an awning on that side and it never got used. Still in near-new condition. Mounted pics are stock pics since I never took any when it was on my trailer...
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    Sure-Fire Ways to Improve Your Roof Top Tent

    Looks fantastic! Where did you get the black plastic pieces used to finish off your pulls?
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    Goose Gear JKU Plate System question

    I did exactly that: had a new sub box built for under the passenger seat and then installed the Goose gear platform system and boxes. The sound is better, but I also upgraded the rest of the speakers at the same time, so it's hard to attribute the improved sound to one or the other. I do love...
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    Hard shell tent with enclosed annex?

    Hello all. I'm finalizing the setup on my JKU and xv-2 setup but I'm having trouble deciding on a tent for the trailer. The main concern is having an enclosed annex that our large dog can sleep in and not be able to get loose at night. I am considering the Tepui Kukenam sky ruggedized with...