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    Hourless Life: Documenting Our Global Overland Adventure

    Have you decided on what stove to bring for your travels? I have heard conflicting messages on the availability of propane. Seems like along the pan american bottles can be refilled at any major city. But for other more remote places it seems like it would be more difficult and there is the...
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    Introducing the “NEW” Alu-Cab Canopy Camper

    Is water intrusion an issue with most of these campers, or is it just installer error? Reading Wackyhacky's thread about snow blowing in on the drive home from the dealer is disconcerting. I was considering one of these for a multi-year trip and really don't want to deal with mold and...
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    mounting extra brake lights on 1.5” struts, NO drilling.

    You could also use two of these. Just make sure to not connect the right signal wire for the left mounted unit and vice versa.
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    2012 Toyota Tacoma TRD 4X4 Extended Cab - $29,000

    ?? It says $29,000 in the ad and OP hasn't edited his post.
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    Diesel Multi Language Decals

    I'm not affiliated with either seller, but here is another option.
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    Real nice ER for sale.

    It's my understanding that ER has direct connections to people high up in Ford engineering who know way more than any local shop ever could. So regardless of Ford reliability, ER really does have good customer service.
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    Real nice ER for sale.

    For any prospective buyers, this is the same ER that almost caught on fire.
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    Mini rice cooker

    Oh my ad blocker removes your link because of your referral code being added to the amazon url.
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    Mini rice cooker

    What 12V rice cooker did you find? I have been looking for one.
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    Introducing the “NEW” Alu-Cab Canopy Camper

    This was posted by an Alu-Cab rep online on another site. Doesn't seem to include the anderson roof solar plug though.
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    Alu-Cab Khaya Prime 2-person Camper in Black - SOLD

    The facebook group is "Alu-Cab Community: Official Group" and I will PM you his name or if you search for Tundra in the group it should come up.
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    Alu-Cab Khaya Prime 2-person Camper in Black - SOLD

    There is someone on the alu-cab facebook group with one on his first gen tundra. Here are his pictures.
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    Introducing the “NEW” Alu-Cab Canopy Camper

    discovering_unknowns on instagram has a window on the side flap of his, and I know this german one has it done as well
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    Introducing the “NEW” Alu-Cab Canopy Camper

    78" and then 22" for the short piece I believe. 100" total.
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    Introducing the “NEW” Alu-Cab Canopy Camper

    Both sizes have a 78 inch bed platform portion. But with the wedge you lose usable space so some people say it's a little short if you are tall.
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    Introducing the “NEW” Alu-Cab Canopy Camper
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    Any Alu-Cab Gen III RTT owners get the side cover

    There are some other good pictures here
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    Introducing the “NEW” Alu-Cab Canopy Camper

    If you go to they have this list of current fitment kits. DOUBLE CAB Chevrolet Colorado USA (2015 – Present) DC Ford Ranger (2012 – Present) DC Isuzu Dmax (2012 – Present ) DC Mercedes Benz X-Class (2017 – Present) DC Nissan Navara NP300 Europe (2016 – Present) DC...
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    Aluminum RTT condensation issues

    Insulation won't do anything to a sealed tent. There has to be a source for that water to condensate from on the inside before you close it, damp bedding or something.
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    Does a Khaya need taillights?

    In many countries (including South Africa) but not the US, you need to have a full set of taillights on anything that goes back further than the bumper. So for the khaya camper to be legal where the camper made it needs them. See this bike rack as an example, not something you see on US bike racks.