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    Vagabond Outdoors camper patent

    Yes - some attorneys will be the only ones to profit on this patent!
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    Vagabond Outdoors camper patent

    Here is the patent on google patents:
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    Vagabond Outdoors camper patent

    As a patent attorney…good luck with enforcement. The issue is someone challenging the patent or vagabond trying to enforce it! Either would most likely end in invalidating the patent. There are a lot of inexperienced patent examiners at the USPTO.
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    M1102 Trailer build

    Here is my M1101 build…did an electric brake conversion and added an offroad hitch…great to tow behind my Power Wagon.
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    WTB Hiatus Camper build spot for summer of 2022

    Just throwing this out their in case someone placed an order and wants to do something different. Waiting until 2024 is a little longer than I want to wait! Thank you, Art