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    *SOLD* 2013 Yamaha Super Tenere World Crosser

    How many miles? Not seeing that or missing it.
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    Full Size - Small Diesels: why so unpopular?

    I'll add my 2 cents as I have 2 ecodiesels. One is a 2014 Ram1500 with 130k miles. It was stripped of all smog since new and has engine/tranny green diesel tune. I run 285 heavier e rated tires and get 27mpg on hilly windy country roads 60 mph avg. In my hunting grounds I do a 5000 ft elev...
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    Dodge Ram 2006 Cummins 5.9L 6 speed ready for any adventure

    I built this truck to be my milion mile rig with plans to use to it go back to my old stomping grounds in Central America and Yucatan. But life took a 90deg turn so wont be doing that. In my 20+ yrs of living down there I found the Ram 4x4 5.9L Cummins to be the simplest, toughest, safest...
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    2014 Lance truck camper for Shortbed

    The Lance 855 probably the best built hard side truck camper for a shortbed 3/4 ton and hard to find in the non slide version. Dont get suckered into the pop out mania...dosent make sense in a smaller camper. My one is like new only been used for 4 nights never cooked in. Has all the goodies...
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    2014 Lance 855 For Sale

    Selling my 855. I can make a good argument that this model as good as you can have for 2 person truck camper. Location southern oregon. 27k been used only 5 nites. Buying a lake cabin dont need it now. 855 not easy to find. Call me 541 four five zero 3544.
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    FOR SALE: 2006 F550 4x4 diesel 26ft Class C w/slide out

    Here is link to pics on flickr album also youtube exterior compartments etc
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    FOR SALE: 2006 F550 4x4 diesel 26ft Class C w/slide out

    Bolting a seat is doable. Not sure what you mean by liveable with slideout in but if you mean while traveling/on the move then it dosent get in the way of access to cab or walking back to kitchen bath etc. Need about 12ft clearance.
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    FOR SALE: 2006 F550 4x4 diesel 26ft Class C w/slide out

    I jave panos n more. Will try to put up on a pic site later. easier
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    FOR SALE: 2006 F550 4x4 diesel 26ft Class C w/slide out

    Thanks! Yeah I think it is very fairly priced for the right individual. Its unique prob not many if any for sale in the us at any one time. I had no intentions of selling it and dont have to but I just wont use it much and its not good to let things sit. Needs a new home. Might take a week or 2...
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    FS: 2006 F550 4x4 all diesel camper

    Not sure if my rig is tough enough for this section but sale details on it are just posted on the 'other custom expedition campers' forum. FYI
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    FOR SALE: 2006 F550 4x4 diesel 26ft Class C w/slide out

    Well as much as I hate to do this its time to sell the neatest rv rig I have owned. Now all my camping involves boat/fishing so now doing it in a sardine truck camper so my wife and I can head out with pickup, camper and boat all in one package. Its not the same but much less hassle. Rv'ing is...
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    Jeep Trailer

    Am travelling for a few. The jeep fit just between fenders so its a hair under 72in. Not sure for now on length but bout same as a tj bumper to bumper
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    Jeep Trailer

    Custom built in 2014. dual 3500# axles. Has steel floor n grate channel for tires, D-rings galore and stake pockets so can be converted to a box trailer. Multi purpose. Flip down fenders, front axle hooks on chains for front, frame mounted ratchet n strap for rear. Electric trailer brakes. 2in...
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    TJ oem Half Doors

    These are off an 05. Top shape no damage. New hardware. exterior has vector bedliner material applied by local ford dealership. Goes with any color and looks good. Havent been used since vortex put on. $850 location south oregon.