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    Unique ER

    I looked it up, apparently LTSS stands for “Super Stretch” even with the single cab it’s a few inches longer.
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    Built 2020 Tacoma at BMW of Portland

    Drove past this yesterday good looking build
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    1989 Unimog 1200 Snowblower on GovDeals

    I haven't seen this posted yet: Wonder if you could replace with normal windshield?
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    SOLD Price Reduced: 2006 Lexus LX470

    Hello Fellow Expedition Portal Members! Unfortunately, my needs have changed and after a short 16 (happy) months of ownership, I am selling my Silver LX470 , the truck just turned 280K, and isn't due for the timing belt for another 32,000 miles. The reason we are selling (something I know I'll...
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    SOLD Packasport System 90 Rooftop Cargo Box Portland, OR

    Bought for my LX470, but because of the rear spoiler the top of the liftgate won't open all the way. :-( Here's the CL ad Here's the link to the Packasport Website...
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    Toyota Tacoma Hilux Diesel, Sisters OR $36,500 Craigslist Link
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    2006 LC 100 Built Portland

    Well worn, but seems like a good price!
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    FS New 72”x56” Pioneer Rack

    I may be interested in your rack, I'm in Portland, trying to see how I might fit it to my '06 Lexus LX470. are there any type of mounting feet/brackets? feel free to DM me.
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    1991 LAND CRUISER PICK UP HZ75 - $25000 (SEATTLE) (CL Link) LHD

    Good looking truck LHD
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    2007 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Diesel LHD Florida

    Not sure how this has a "Clean Florida Title" you go!
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    1990 HZJ75 Double Cab

    Not something you see everyday.
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    FS on BaT: 2000 silver Europa w463 G500

    I bid earlier, but before I bid again, looking ar the door sil photo of the front passenger side, I looks as thiugh there’s rust, or is it dirty?
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    Hi not sure if this is how you send a private message on this forum, but is the 470 still...

    Hi not sure if this is how you send a private message on this forum, but is the 470 still available? Kyle 503-380-7086
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    SOLD Freightliner Unimog FLU 419 Tractor Gov Deals ends 11/15/2018 current bid $6,900

    I don't know enough about these, but someone could probably get a good deal. Looks like they don't have it listed properly on the Gov Deals website, only at $6,900 now, with 20-hours remaining...good luck!
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    1985 Jeep CJ7

    This is my dad's Jeep. Aprox 130K miles, $9,700. He lives in the mountains near Pueblo, CO. he didn't drive it a lot, he got it to tow behind his truck and camper, but got an Outdoors RV instead.
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    2016 4Runner Overland Build $34,000

    Found this on Autotrader, don't think it's a TRD Pro, but seems like a pretty awesome build, given the price. Unless I'm mistaken saw Icon suspension on it.
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    Unimog Mercedes Benz Expedition Camper Looks pretty fantastic.