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    Interesting Primer and Equipment Review on Induction Cooking

    Equipment Reviews: Induction Cooking - YouTube
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    EC FX vs. GXV Patagonia

    Not trying to start any arguments, but would love to hear/read about people's thoughts comparing these two platforms. With the cost of the new EC not being that far off from a K370 Patagonia, I'm curious what folks see as the benefits and trade-offs of one platform over the other. Ready, set, go!
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    Best "Composite" Pop-Up Manufacturer?

    Who's making the best, or most interesting, non-wood based campers now? With the demise of XPCamper and mixed reviews of other manufacturers, I'm curious who people are looking at and why.
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    2020 EarthCruiser?

    Any updates on the 2020 EC build? Are there any habitat changes in store? What kind of transfer case, driveshafts and axles are going to be used? Any idea on gearing? What (if anything) is going to replace the Webasto heaters and cooktop? Just fishing for info :)
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    FUSO FE 140 -180 Gas 4X4 conversion pros and cons?

    Hi all - just throwing this out there as a thought experiment. With the new FUSO gas models, you are seeing more HP (almost doubled) and Torque (somewhat improved), but no 4X4 model. What would be the challenges and advantages of converting one of these to a 4X4?