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    FYI - Stolen Delica from Bend, OR / '92 L300 Diesel Chamonix w/CO Plates

    Just saw this on the Delica forum and thought I'd post to spread the word: I'm sure everyone here can empathize with how much it would/does suck having a vehicle stolen and they're unique enough that most Mitsubishi...
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    CAUTION/AVOID Adventure Driven Designs in AZ

    With the Mitusbishi/Montero community as small as it is here in the US, I feel obliged to share my recent, poor, experience attempting to order a set of Marks4WD 2.85 transfer case gears from Adventure Driven Designs (ADD) and offer a word of caution to anyone considering patronizing or doing...
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    Poly Bushings

    I'll be ordering full poly bushings for my project in the near future and wanted to get the advice and input of others who have installed and run them. Are all poly bushings the same? I presume the material used by different brands is all the same, aside from differing colors and...
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    Air Lockers - OEM vs ARB?

    I've been curious about this for a while... Based on what I've read, both seem to be well regarded, reliable, and robust, any reason to favor one over the other beyond the pros and cons I could come up with below? OEM + Cheap, can be found for +/- $100-300 for complete axles w/pump + Already...
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    Marks4WD Gears - 2.7 vs 3.15 in 5MT/Diesel

    Looking for some insight, especially from those who have installed and run the Mark's gears, as to which ratio would be a better fit for my intended needs/usage. Slowly building a D50 with a D4BF(4D56t) turbo diesel / V5MT1 5MT / 4.636 diffs / 235/85r16AT (+/-32") to be used primarily as an...
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    V5MT1 5MT Transfer Case Options

    My slow burning D4BF (4D56t) D50 project is finally progressing once again and hoping some of the gurus on here can offer some info on possible transfer cases... I'm currently in the midst of rebuilding a V5MT1 ( out of a '97 Montero Sport, sourced...
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    D50 Diesel Build

    I figure it may be time to begin a thread to document my slow burning ‘87 D50 diesel project. I’ve a 1987 Ram 50(D50/MM) macrocab, 2.6 4G54, KM145 5 speed, 4x4, that is rust free, has good bones but a tired engine w/200k+ miles. After looking rather extensively for this exact combination, I...
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    100mm CV Axle Questions

    I’ve been researching replacement CV axles and have found several references to the fact that ‘94-’96 3.5 DOHC SRs, and possibly ‘97-’98 3.5 SOHC SRs, have stronger 100mm CV axles vs the more common 95mm Montero/Montero Sport CV axles and can be run with minimal modifications...
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    Parting 1997 Montero Sport

    Not certain how much traffic the classified section gets here, but I posted an ad there for the 1997 Montero Sport I'm parting: PM if you're interested in anything.
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    Looking for help sourcing 4D56t > V5MT1 bell housing from someone outside the US...FOUND

    I'm in the process of gathering parts to convert my '87 D50/MM macro cab 4x4 to diesel and am having a hard time tracking down the bell housing I need. Details on the project so far can be seen here:,702.msg6157.html#new With so many...
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    Sway Away vs Old Man Emu Torsion Bars

    Does anyone have any direct experience with either or both of these? I'm planning on swapping a diesel motor into my '87 D50 and likely a front bumper/winch eventually. In addition to that extra weight, I would like to crank the torsion bars a bit, along with longer UCAs and possibly a small...