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    round vs square steel

    Hello, What are the pros & cons of using round steel tube vs square steel tube for expedition trailer construction? I cannot recall seeing any trailers, being built on Expedition Portal, using the round steel. Best regards, Mike
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    point and shoot camera .... HELP !!!!!!

    Hello, I need a quality point and shoot camera for my wife .... Right now we have an Olympus Stylus 750 .. it takes good pics..BUT .. when you use it outside the LCD screen shows up black and you cannot tell if you are lined up for the shot .... only after you go inside where there is no...
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    cleaning out the garage

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    Not mine nor do I know the seller:
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    Good morning, Does anyone have experience and opinion on this product? The wife wants to buy two of them for Christmas gifts, but I am trying to determine if it would be a waste...
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    edgestar 43qt on sale

    $376 and includes shipping ......,default,sc.html
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    nuvi 265wt

    Bought a Nuvi 265WT ... seems to be working just fine but I want to add memory ..... I believe this maximum size SD card for this unit is 16gig .. Has anyone added a memory card? what size? brand? any problems after the SD is added? Any info is appreciated ..... Mike
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    Hello, I see Cabela's has some fly rod/reel combo sets on sale. Can anyone recommend one? Or from Bass Pro or anyother seller ..... Just beginning and want to keep the cost down until I learn how and what to do ..... Best regards,
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    aluminum tent poles

    Hello, I have a Eureka Equinox 6 tent .... each time I set it up I get an aluminum residue on my hands from the tent poles and have to wash them before I finish setting up the tent .... Can clear coat be applied or some other product that will help with the residue? Best regards, Mike
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    12 volt razor

    Hello, Need recommendations for a 12v razor .... I was in the Gila National Forest all last week and no one recognized me when I returned home ..... All info is appreciated ..... Best regards, Mike
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    engel slide tray

    Hello, For an Engel 45, how much height increase is there when you mount it on the slide out tray? Best regards,