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    Durability of DCU shells?

    Obviously it depends somewhat on the truck, but i have a fiberglass topper on a Frontier just as a point of reference. Just the standard CX? model, nothing special. I've wheeled all over (lifting tires and such), tossed a RTT on it, Kayaks on it, etc. Never had any issues. The Frontier has a...
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    Leer, ARE, other?

    Which windows? All the brands use essentially the same windows. Did you check the seals?
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    Here we go again

    Nice truck, great base to start with
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    2017 Titan XD PR

    Good looking truck. i like that generation Titan
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    Towing a 16ft Airstream with a 4runner? Other alternatives?

    Huh? Understanding the posts its referring to first... GVWR is part of the figure, but the bigger comment is the available payload capacity that GVWR allows for, which is substantially more than a Tacoma, 4Runner or Tundra.
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    Towing a 16ft Airstream with a 4runner? Other alternatives?

    Who knows. That's what i'm saying. Who is actually within the limits of these magical numbers when hauling around their family and crap? I sure know i'm probably not. There is no mention that i know of stating reduced capacity for higher duty cycle. Numbers are from a '21 Tundra extended...
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    Towing a 16ft Airstream with a 4runner? Other alternatives?

    It's all relatively meaningless. The way numbers are assigned makes little sense. Why does a V8 Tundra have a 1300ish lb payload capacity, many new f150s are around the 1500lb mark but a 2022 Chevy traverse has around 1600lb payload capacity?
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    2021 Chinook 17' TT Small Toy Hauler DH175 Dream Hauler

    Located in: Greer, SC Something a little different... This was a new model last year from the Chinook travel trailer side. A small toy hauler with a garage, allowing you to carry a motorcycle, bicycles, whatever inside without having to unload/move your cargo to fully utilize the camper...
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    Unwanted rear sag - Towing Teardrop with 4th Gen 4Runner

    I have some 5th gen dobbinson overland springs if ya want to go that route. I believe they will work in a 4th gen. I put airbags in my icon coils in the 5th gen I had. I never liked the way they rode, to level up the back it rode very stiff. I now have airbags in the back of my frontier (with...
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    Ram 2500 Rebel

    Makes sense!
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    Ram 2500 Rebel

    In the TFL video, the truck they showed had the column shifter. Did they change from the knob shifter or is that only on certain trims?
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    2023 KTM 450 Rally

    are they not planning to release it here in the future?
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    Brake Pads for Overweight Tacoma

    I put EBC yellow stuff pads on my Frontier front and back. Like you mention, the friction letters show lower, but the difference is felt pretty quickly. Once bedded in, they stop much better. And when you get them hot, they stop even better still. No noise, but tons of dust. They won't last...
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    Sounds like FORD’s going to offer another engine choice for the Tremor

    But that's the whole controversy right? You have a motor that has great power, but is very complex, generates a lot of heat and gets very poor gas mileage when worked hard BUT is easy to drive. The 5.0 may not beat the 3.5 up the side of a mountain, but is perceived to be less complex (so it's...
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    Sounds like FORD’s going to offer another engine choice for the Tremor

    3.73 with 3.5l only with the max payload packages (long beds) or the powerboost i believe. As you note, most appear to come with the 3.31. 3.55 with he 3.5l usually show up with the max tow or optioned. 5.0l comes with the 3.73l with max tow and can be had with smaller bed sizes. I guess...
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    Sounds like FORD’s going to offer another engine choice for the Tremor

    I hear the 5.0 has less overheating issues than the 3.5 too... Not sure if that's true or not.
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    96’ LX450

    It's all about maintenance and driving it correctly. You seem to be doing a good job of it. Since the head has been off fairly recently, it's had the head gasket replaced which can be the weak link. Hopefully the entire cooling system has been replaced by now (hoses, radiator, fan clutch...
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    Perfect off-highway tire = LTX? What?

    Well... lets see... They are asking for an on-road tire that will see very little use offroad, in fact they have other tires other tires for that. I had no issues with LT tires on my 80 series either. Same as i don't on my Frontier. But they both ended up with decreased fuel mileage and more...