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    Pass thru storage rack options?

    Hey Gang, in the midst of an F550 build with a TC box. We have a rear pass-thru storage area that is approximately 38" tall x 38" wide x 92" deep. Many of our adventures involve kitesurfing/surfing trips. We'd like to have a modular (and removable) rack system to get the boards on racks. I...
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    F550 rear bucket seat options?

    Just committed to a Total Composites box build for a 2021 F550. There will be a pass thru from cab to camper box and bucket seats are a must for ease of access. Below are a couple of pictures on the Unbound Freedom backseat. Any ideas on where to source a similar set of seats? Thx!
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    Another Chassis Conundrum????

    Looking at doing an integrated camper build (possibly with a total composites shell). Box will be in the 14'-16' length, with a cab-over sleeping area. The rig will be for my wife and I as well as our elementary school aged daughters. We've had truck campers over the years, and now are on our...