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    How to Replace Fuel Pump Assembly on 2006 Montero 3.8 Gasoline/Petrol

    My 2006 Montero's been having issues with hard starting and what seems like loss of power on hills. The fuel pump also sounds pretty loud when the ignition is on and before I crank. With more than 150K on the odometer, as far as I know, the fuel pump has never been replaced. All this pointed me...
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    Klaus - 2006 Montero Build

    Well, Klaus just arrived by way of car carrier this evening! I'll document my build-out here. Why I've got a perfectly fine Outback, but I've always longed for a proper low-range transfer case and more room, and as someone who first drove in the 90s, I've got a soft-spot for these older SUVs...
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    Need some Gen 3 Montero Tire Advice

    I'm about to close on a 2006 Gen 3 with a 1.5" Ironman lift, and I'm starting to plan out my build. It's going to need new tires, so that's first up on the list. I'm planning to daily drive the thing and use it on local Kansas trails on the weekends, with occasional longer trips to the Ozarks...