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    New for 2022? GXV and EarthCruiser hints

    Hard to tell from the video on AEONrv website if the vehicle has a kinetic subframe mounting system to allow the chassis to twist and flex without torquing the box. If it plans to do any serious off-roading, it‘s going to need it.
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    Why we purchased a GXV Turtle

    Thanks Greg. We love your GXV and appreciate all your posts and videos that you have shared.
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    Why we purchased a GXV Turtle

    Thank you for a very detailed and excellent explanation of your selection process. Just curious, was the GXV UXV model considered and if so which factors eliminated it from selection. Hope you enjoy many wonderful miles and experience in your wonderful rig!
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    Our new Global Expedition Adventure truck

    Thanks for sharing. You have a great truck and are also an awesome photographer! May I ask which camera equipment you are using?