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    SOLD - ARB Awning - For Sale in Socal

    This ARB Awning 2500 x 2500 is about 8.2 feet by 8.2 feet. I just took it off my 4Runner today. Both zipper handles wore off so I looped in zip ties as a replacement and it works just fine (shown in picture). It has the normal wear and tear that you would expect. There is a frayed and especially...
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    New ARB Awning 2500 x 2500 - For Sale in SoCal -

    There was damage when ARB shipped my awning. They sent me a new awning and was supposed to pick up the damaged one but they never did. I ended up just mounting the damaged one and have been using it since. The new awning has been sitting in my attic ever since, still inside the box in which...
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    FS: Howling Moon 1.6 stargazer with canvas ripstop annex

    I am selling my HM 1.6 stargazer with canvas ripstop annex. The tent is about 3 months old and only used once. The mattress still has the original plastic cover over it that I never teared opened. The tent still has a new tent smell. I am moving to SF in December and will not have a garage high...
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    aftermarket wheels, should I buy four or five?

    Hello everyone, stopped by America's tires today to get a quote on new wheels (pro comp 7089, 4.5 bs) I've been wanting for awhile. The rep advised to get five instead of four. The reason being if I get a flat when offroading, the different offset of the stock wheels will put stress on the...