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  1. broncot

    Lifeline AGM batteries for solar

    Found someone selling multiple of these Lifeline batteries for $100 each. Other than being 150 pounds, would these be a good base for a solar, off-grid setup? How can I test the batteries to make sure theyre not shot? Sent from my...
  2. broncot

    2011 Four Wheel Camper in Massachusetts

    NOT MINE!! Sent from my BBE100-5 using Tapatalk
  3. broncot

    Ford Unicell Bubble Van in NY " 2001 bubble van. Skylight on roof. Runs great. Lots of storage! Will need brakes"
  4. broncot

    Backpacks, sleeping bags, Thermarest, etc in Connecticut

    Trying to downsize my camping gear to fund my offroad trailer build, I have the following for sale from a smoke free home. Prices are OBO, I'll ship on your dime. Craigslist links at bottom with pictures. REI Half Dome tent, in very good shape, no rips or tears, all the guylines and pegs are...
  5. broncot

    Tonneau cover for 4x6 homemade trailer?

    Anyone found a decent tonneau cover for a trailer? I don't want to go custom, looking for alternatives to making a hinged plywood lid for my trailer.
  6. broncot

    Rhino Rack Oztent Foxwing tension strap

    I bought a used Foxwing locally for $250 along with an extension. Good shape, but it's missing the tension strap, I set it up with a piece of rope. Where can I get a strap or something equivalent?
  7. broncot

    MAN Truck expedition camper

    Wow, just wow....
  8. broncot

    Yakima SkyRise small rooftop tent with annex $750 Connecticut

    For sale is a used Yakima SkyRise rooftop tent with annex. This is the first generation SkyRise, size small, good for 1 or 2 people. I bought it second hand, the original owner claimed to have used it 4 or 5 times. I spent 6 nights in it last year and upgraded for 2022. I bought the annex and...
  9. broncot

    Homemade off road trailer

    Lurker here, first post. None of my trips match most of what I see on here, but 2021 marked a big escalation in my camping trips and adventures and I've plans to do more. After taking a trip with my daughter where my 2002 Nissan Xterra was fully packed and out off room, I began to consider an...