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    Nissan Primastar camper build

    Ola! this will be my third thread started on ExPo, I hope it doesnt go the way of my first two. One was about a boot box for a Mitsubishi Outlander I sold without finishing and the second was about a roof rack I was making for a Hyundai Santa Fe that I've decided to retire in preference to...
  2. J

    Yet another DIY Rack

    I'm building a rack for my 2010 Hyundai Santa Fe. not very ExPo and will be used more for bringing home lumber from the DIY store than road trips but will do a bit of duty carrying bodyboards and tents on camping holidays too so I'm hoping it makes the grade ;) My Santa Fe is a base model so...
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    2013 Outlander Camping Support Vehicle

    First time poster, long time lurker...... Hi everyone, I've just bought a car that's probably not that common stateside, but it's a good seller here in Ireland. It's a 2.2 diesel, AWD, 7 seater. It replaced a 2008 Nissan XTrail which was a great bus but we wanted an occasional seven seater...