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  1. Inyo_man


    Congrats on the rig! You may want to think about ditching the factory rack rails on the Montero if you plan on driving off highway with the rig. The factory rails do not inspire confidence in my opinion. I removed them from our Gen. 3 years ago, and installed some Rhino Rack rails...
  2. Inyo_man

    What did you cook today? Photo thread

    When you bring those meals on your next backcountry adventure, you'll be the "talk of the town"! ...think about adding a dutch oven to your'll never see "one pot wonders" the same! Cheers
  3. Inyo_man

    Wind River Ranging

    Thanks for brining back the amazing memories! ...went on a 14 day climbing trip into the Range back in 1981. Cheers
  4. Inyo_man

    2007 Triton Build

    This doesn't mean Shorty is out of the picture, does it? ...always enjoy your photos and tales! Cheers
  5. Inyo_man

    Fire Extinguishers

    I have Cintas extinguishers. Both in the vehicles and at home. I choose this because they have been around for "long time" and they are rechargeable (I do this annually on all our extinguishers. They have steel canisters and aluminum handles with billet aluminum heads. Cheers
  6. Inyo_man

    Sleeping bag options

    After thirty years of using a North Face 0* mummy bag for backpacking and car camping, I purchased a new bag. The North Face bag is still warm with no issues...but I'm looking for a roomier bag for only car camping now. I just purchased a Teton Sports XXL -35* bag for winter runs. I like...
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    Fire Extinguishers

    There is always a 5 pound ABC extinguisher in my rig. It is secured with Quick Fist mounts. The ABC can be used in a large variety of situations that may occur while in the backcountry, or driving on pavement. (Remember to recharge the unit annually, or at least take it out and "tap" it with a...
  8. Inyo_man

    Fuel economy and odd auto tranny behavior gen 3 montero

    (This is a very old thread, but it may still assist others...) I've been using an Ultra Gauge to keep a eye on things in the Montero. Cheers
  9. Inyo_man

    Lowest PSI off road on stock mitsu wheels

    I've run as low as 12psi. If you're planning on doing more snow-wheelin', you might think about picking up some chains. Cheers
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    Klaus - 2006 Montero Build

    This is a good place to's a relatively common issue, especially if the rig is, or has been, parked under trees or brush. Cheers
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    Cots talk

    I've been using an Alps XL cot for several years now. Works great for a good night's sleep. It's a bit heavy, but fine for car camping. Cheers
  12. Inyo_man

    Advice on Refreshing a Gen 2.5

    It appears from the first post that OEM parts were purchased for the timing belt service. Good call! Cheers
  13. Inyo_man

    Advice on Refreshing a Gen 2.5

    Great looking Monty! Looks like you're off to a nice start bringing it up to par. I always run a compression test on vehicles (usually before I purchase them). Something to consider... It's a good way to get a base-line before tearing into the motor. Cheers
  14. Inyo_man

    What tires for 3rd Gen?

    As stated above, the 265/75/16 are a nice size. The comparable 265/70/17 will fill out the wheel well nicely and not be too bad on mpg. I also like to think about getting a tire size that is easy to replace when traveling, if the need arises. Odd size tires can be hard to replace in small towns...
  15. Inyo_man

    Gen 2 Hitch plate/recovery point strength

    Throwing some welds around the perimeter of the plate would be a nice addition, IMHO. Might as well make it "bomber" if possible... Cheers
  16. Inyo_man

    How tough is it to source parts for a 2.5?

    I've been able to find any OEM part for the '02 Montero that I was searching for from that supplier. Cheers
  17. Inyo_man

    How tough is it to source parts for a 2.5?

    I have had excellent history with the parts supplier below for my Gen III. Cheers
  18. Inyo_man

    2002 Montero 4x4 Trans and Rear diff help!

    The LSD rear end should not "chirp" at all when daily driving. It sounds like fresh fluid worked a treat. Be sure to only use OEM ATF, and a quality synthetic GL-5 in the differentials (especially the rear LSD). Cheers
  19. Inyo_man

    Rhino Rack Batwing Awning **SOLD**

    Where are you located?