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  1. TripLeader

    Need some "guidance"/tech training and inputs

    Some people install transmisson thermostats to for realtime feedback. (Forgive me if your truck already has one.)
  2. TripLeader

    03 F-250, Looking for some direction (hopefully a build thread of sorts)

    Yes, sorry to cause worry. It was 2004 and later, at least for F-150s.
  3. TripLeader

    03 F-250, Looking for some direction (hopefully a build thread of sorts)

    Cam phasers are a known issue with the Ford 5.4L V8. Be aware. I think you have a nice truck.
  4. TripLeader

    I Found it in the Woods

    Crystal clear Pepsi? :p
  5. TripLeader

    Having Difficulty Pricing my F-150 to Sell

    I think color on a new car is a big deal. But I've never worried about color on a used car, especially something more than 5 years old. Its more about the condition and price. ...Assuming it is not some outrageous paint job. Supposedly that is why silver is such a popular color--conservative...
  6. TripLeader

    My Journey

    I read Finding Everett Ruess a few years back. I recommend looking into books by Craig Childs if you liked it. Not the same history of a single person, but a people. Maybe his book "House of Rain" as a primer, or "The Secret Knowledge of Water."
  7. TripLeader

    Artistic Shots- Well thought out, framed (positioned), artistic shots only please.

    Here's a series of photos from late October. All taken around the Missouri River, in Missouri; more specifically near St. Charles, Hermann, and Jefferson City.
  8. TripLeader

    Leer, ARE, other?

    Just one other comment to incite confusion. I've had a used Jason cap on my 2005 F150 for nearly a decade. Its the Pace model. I've been happy with it. Its very basic. The sticker says it was made in 2004. It looks like they have a fair product line.
  9. TripLeader

    Wind River Ranging

    We knew there was a chance for it. But late August did not bring too many mosquitos and flies. We had a few bites, but nothing even close to what you experienced.
  10. TripLeader

    Wind River Ranging

    Glad to post it and happy to know the report was worthwhile.
  11. TripLeader

    M116A3 Adventure Trailer Build

    Great work so far! Thanks for documenting it.
  12. TripLeader

    World-Class Outfitters

    Finding knowledgeable and dedicated employees in person at outfitter shops is now a scarcity. And it will be for the foreseeable future. I think the way now, for better or worse, is the internet. The unexperienced consumer has to find the information somewhere online. Then you have to vet that...
  13. TripLeader

    Falken Tires

    I've had Wildpeaks on my F150 for 2 or so years. My local auto shop recommended them for a good tire at a fair price. I've been happy with them and will probably go with them again.
  14. TripLeader

    Flippac questions & pictures, from a new owner

    I can't speak to the tent portion. But I installed a new seal, similar to below, on the bottom of my fiberglass pickup topper. It helped dramatically with water seeping in.
  15. TripLeader

    How would you outfit this custom LJ?

    I like this idea a lot. I would buy parts today if I wasn't so cheap. But it is now on my future upgrade list for my LJ. Thanks for the idea! Any evaluation yet about the concern over snow buildup on them?
  16. TripLeader

    72 IH + ‘85 Alaskan = Questionable Judgment...

    I just read the whole thread today. Wow! Keep it going, please!
  17. TripLeader

    Irwin the 1995 Disco (200tdi and 5 Spd swapped)

    Great stuff!. I just read it all from beginning to end. Thanks for keeping it going.