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  1. Campfire

    I need a smaller 8' trailer to replace my 24' featherlite sadly. 96" wide please?

    I've been looking for the same, and had a trailer basically drop in my lap. A co-worker called and gave me the deal, so I scrambled over and snagged it. I have been looking for a small trailer to get out of the weather, haul stuff, bivouac, and haul the bike with. I thought I would try making...
  2. Campfire

    Nevada Expedition (ok, more like a wander) September 2008

    Man! I just read through parts of this and I am so hooked. Have to plan a rip there and explore. Thanks for the awesome write up and photos!
  3. Campfire

    Nissan Photos - post your's

    Just starting to really enjoy this Forum, and saw the Nissan heading. Here are some old school pics of a poker run I ran with a Jeep Club back in 96. They didn't think I'd make it through, let alone tow a couple guys out of places. The nice thing about the Pathfinder was being able to roll up my...