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  1. mmbirtcher

    2011 LR4 HSE Build and Service

    Maybe mostly service hehe. I recently picked up a well maintained (oil changed every 5k), garaged LR4 in Ipanema Sand for an “I can’t pass this up” price. I had been looking for a 2013 Lux almost exclusively (mainly due to timing chain issues) for a few months. So many had serious holes in...
  2. mmbirtcher

    1995 Toyota Land Cruiser VX Limited JDM

    this looks decent. And if it’s price doesn’t go up much, could be a good deal. Triple Locked. Winch.
  3. mmbirtcher

    Yakima SkyRise 2 Review

    I hadn’t seen many (any actually) reviews that were in depth on the YS RTT. I’ve been wanting a RTT for some time, and while I’d love the James Baroud or something similar, the price point just wasn’t working for me. A friend mentioned the YS RTT was on sale and if you add the REI membership...
  4. mmbirtcher

    Download Speeds with Gaia iPad

    I’m experiencing very slow download speeds for Gaia maps onto IPad Air 2 with 120mbps WiFi. Has anyone else had this problem and maybe found a solution?
  5. mmbirtcher

    Test Drive Tomorrow Taking this for an overnight test drive tomorrow. Barring rust (Missouri car), it seems to be a decent deal. Single owner, single local dealership- ALL maintenance done and documented. Clean...
  6. mmbirtcher

    1985 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ73 Diesel - $15000

    What the heck, here’s another! If you’re serious I’ll go give it a quick look for someone out of town.
  7. mmbirtcher

    1989 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ71 RHD for $13,500

    Looks pretty good. If anyone is serious about it, it’s close by and I’ll go eyeball it.
  8. mmbirtcher

    2006 Land Cruiser 104k Miles No AHC

    Looks like a good one and rare (I think?) without the AHC.|12396611|326976
  9. mmbirtcher

    Overland Equipment Dealer in NYC?

    The title explains it. Are there any overland equipment / rooftop tent dealers in NYC? Thanks
  10. mmbirtcher

    A Week Plus on the Trans America Trail

    A Week (and some) on the Trans America Trail My stepson, a friend of his and I leave Monday for about a week on the TAT. They just got their permits in the last month or so, and they'll be doing a lot of the off-pavement driving while I do the navigation… and maybe making sure we stay on the...
  11. mmbirtcher

    Killer LR3 Seen in STL- Who's Is It?

    This ride was in the parking lot at the gym in Richmond Heights today. Nice ride! Who's is it? I'd love to swing by and check it out!
  12. mmbirtcher

    1999 Toyota Land Cruiser 105k for $11k

    Looks like a good deal in NJ. With rear diff lock (I think all '99s may have it?)
  13. mmbirtcher

    2011 LR4 HSE w/ Locking Rear Diff CPO- St Louis

    Out of my price range, but may be a good one for someone else and a rare rear locker!
  14. mmbirtcher

    1999 LC with Rear Locker

    Found this Land Cruiser with about 164k miles for $11k in Cali. If I were ready I'd probably jump on it!
  15. mmbirtcher

    2 2005 LR3's

    In my window shopping for a LR, I came across these at a used dealer in IL. Both under 100k, neither are HD. But the pricing seems pretty darn low. I'm still some months away from a purchase so... Seems too low...
  16. mmbirtcher

    Land Rover Buying Advice Wanted

    I'll be buying a "new to me" vehicle in the upcoming months and I need some advice regarding which one to buy. I'm considering either a 2003-2004 D2, or one of the LR3 models. I used to own a 2004 D2 that I loved, but sold after it overheated (electric fan failed) and I rebuilt the top end of...
  17. mmbirtcher

    Which Land Cruiser Should I Get??

    Caveat(s)- turbo-Diesel (I'll import). Automatic. Late 80's, early 90's (for obvious reasons). To buy in next 12 months. Currently considering HDJ81, HZJ77, and LJ78. It will be a Daily driver and perhaps much longer trips eventually. What's good and bad about each of them? Which is the best...