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  1. Inyo_man

    No start / shaking gauges 2006 Xterra

    Greeting, 2006 Xterra Offroad After replacing the battery terminals I have a no start condition. The gauges shake when you try to start the rig. After a bit of research, it seems the most likely issue is power from the battery. The battery is new, battery terminals are new, ground is clean. The...
  2. Inyo_man

    Flashing Center Diff. Lock light

    The center differential light started blinking a few weeks ago. It would happen after driving at highway speeds for a sustained period of time (longer than 40 min., or so). When the vehicle was turned off, and restarted, the light would not flash. My first thought was a bad switch on the top of...
  3. Inyo_man

    Gen. III brake pads

    Time to replace the rear brake shoes in the Montero. I've always used OEM shoes in the past, but was wondering what others were using from the aftermarket. What brand(s) have you tried? What was/is your experience with said aftermarket brand. Cheers
  4. Inyo_man

    Beauty '86 Starion

    Although it's way out of my price range, it's a beauty! Cheers
  5. Inyo_man

    Aftermarket Catalytic Converter(s) for '02 Montero

    Greetings, After over 230K miles, I'm considering replacing the cats. on my 2002 Montero. Currently, I'm looking for reviews/feed-back on after-market products. When rebuilding my kid's '86 Toyota Pickup, we installed a Walker system (complete with Cali. Cat.). It has met my expectations...
  6. Inyo_man

    3-way mil-spec switch?

    Greetings, I am searching for a mil-spec, 3-way switch. The switches run a reverse/work light on the rear of my vehicle. One switch mounted on the dashboard and one switch mounted on the inside of the vehicle's rear door. I'm looking for a 3-way switch so the light can be activated from either...
  7. Inyo_man

    Gen. III radiator

    I'm searching for an all metal radiator for my '02 Montero. The only mob that seems to carry an all metal one is Radiator Express. Model 39946 with a brass tank and copper/brass core fits the Gen. III. I'm wondering if anyone has run this radiator, and if so what they think. (The on-line reviews...
  8. Inyo_man

    Gen. III middle row seat repair- bush mechanic style

    The middle row seats in the Gen. III are known for having the release cable fail when attempting to tumble the seat forward. I was able to repair the weak spot in true bush mechanic form...found some parts in the bottom of the tool box that took care of the problem. Below you'll see the small...
  9. Inyo_man

    Gen. III cruise control not engaging

    The cruise control on my 2002 Montero isn't engaging. The dashboard light illuminates when the cruise control switch is depressed, but the system won't set a speed. I've looked for a fuse that could be out, but I'm having a hard time finding which fuse controls the system. (the manual shows...
  10. Inyo_man

    What's the condition of your Gen. III front motor mounts?

    Replaced both forward motor mounts... At first glance the mounts appeared worn, but didn't look too bad. Upon closer inspection there was a small crack in the rubber that looked to go around the mount- although it's difficult to inspect the mount from all angles. Jacked up the motor using...
  11. Inyo_man

    Mitusbishi/Dakar Legend

    Now this makes me want a Gen IV even more...
  12. Inyo_man

    removing front driveline tips?

    I'm replacing the u-joint on my front driveline. The drive line is detached from the front differential. The manual states that the drive line should be able to be pulled out of the transfer case at this point. However, I can't seem to find how to pass the driveline towards the engine enough to...
  13. Inyo_man

    Telescoping/rear light

    I posted this modification in the Mitsubishi section, because the mounting method used is specific to the Gen. III Montero. The telescoping pole can be mounted in a variety of ways- this just worked best for my rig. I'll try to get some snap shots from the next weeks trip to the Sierra and post...
  14. Inyo_man

    Telescoping/rear light

    The idea of having a work light that can be aimed in a variety of directions has been on my list for the Montero for some time now. I wanted a light that would extend upwards past the top of the rear door and have the ability to aim the light as needed. After slowly accumulating parts and...
  15. Inyo_man

    Bay Area '96 SR less than 24k for sale

    Hey fellas, I'm not the seller, but ran across this ad... Original owner of a '96 SR with less than 24k miles for $1200.
  16. Inyo_man

    Duratrac E load no longer a 3 ply sidewall

    I ordered a new set of Goodyear Duratrac 265/75/16 E load tires before I left for a trip to AZ over New Years with the plan of having them mounted before leaving three days later for a wheeling trip. Everything seemed to be working out fine, the tires arrived and were ready to be installed. The...
  17. Inyo_man

    Gen. III O2 sensors

    With 152K on the clock I'm thinking it's time to swap out the O2 sensors in my 2002 NM. Any suggestions on removal/installation or product type are welcomed. So far I've doused the "seam" between the sensor and the exhaust with PB Blaster, and will most likely do that a few more times before...
  18. Inyo_man

    Gen. III roof rails/rack

    After over ten years of abuse the factory roof rails on the Gen.III Montero started to show signs of failure. The rails between the roof mounting points were loose. After some research, I decided on a system from Rhino-Rack. The Montero specific system includes new tracks that mount into the...
  19. Inyo_man

    Dusted Cabin

    In an effort to reduce the amount of trail dust in the cabin I installed some filters. The NM does not come with a cabin air filter, so I began in the worst place for dust intake-the pressure vents in the rear. The vents are for cabin pressure change, however, the design is terrible. Two rubber...
  20. Inyo_man

    front axle seal replacement

    The front diff. of my NM has a leaking oil seal on the left hand side (driver side). It's just a small leak now, but wanted to take care of it... I'm wondering if others have replaced this fifteen dollar part themselves, rather than paying someone. The only worry I have is that the FSM calls...