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  1. oradba69

    BOTSWANA 2018

    It has been way too long since I last posted one of our trips here. I will update this link as I make new blog posts. Alternatively feel free to subscribe to our blog at the bottom of the homepage to receive a notification when I do make a post. Here is a teaser pic from the blog. First...
  2. oradba69

    Our Botswana trip report.

    Lots happened (not all good) but here are the first few days. I will update this post when I get around to editing the photos. You are also welcome to subscribe on our home page and you will receive an email when I do post an update. ... woodlands/...
  3. oradba69

    Not really an expedition, but our last trip in South Africa.
  4. oradba69

    IIDtool quessies?

    I got myself one of above mentioned tools and was wondering on the suspension height what other users have saved as pre-sets? I have programmed my second saved setting to be 20mm higher all-round but have noticed in very warm weather it takes forever to reach off-road height. Any suggestions? I...
  5. oradba69

    Second battery?

    Anybody been able to fit a second battery to the D4 V8?
  6. oradba69

    Namibia - trip report.

    Hi to all. Had a wonderfull trip (not a real expedition) through Namibia and would complete my trip report over the following week or so.
  7. oradba69

    South African West Coast trip.

    Hi Guys, new here but really like the forum. For those of you that ever contemplate traveling to South Africa, here is a trip report of our West Coast/flower trip last year September. Leaving for Namibia in a week and will post updates on above mentioned...