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  1. clydeps

    In cab winch control/relay question...

    You'll need to know how much current the winch solenoid draws via the switch line. If it's less than the rating of the switch, no relay is needed. Regarding fusing, remember that the fuse is to protect the wiring - if there is a short circuit the fuse blows before the wiring overheats. There...
  2. clydeps

    Potential Vehicles in Australia

    An F-series Isuzu should be big enough for you, and they are well supported in Oz. But I think your budget is unrealistic. Truck prices have gone through the roof - new ones are often 50% dearer than they were two years ago, and that flows through to the second hand market. If you buy an old...
  3. clydeps

    FWC Project M Solar Roof Install Advice

    0. Avoid drilling holes in your roof or walls if at all possible. Every hole is a potential leak, and every through-hole metal fastener is a thermal bridge. 1. Sikaflex 252 used with Sika primer will hold anything onto a roof with just a modest surface area. It's essentially impossible to...
  4. clydeps

    Big custom camper sightings

    Spotted in Bosnia.
  5. clydeps

    Unimog Camper - construction never stops :)

    Nice job. I just put a 32" Sony TV in my rig - works as a monitor, TV and has all the streaming apps - which is very handy now we have Starlink. It's also 19.5V - very hard to find 12V TVs that have decent software. The DCDC power supply I used is under $10 (AUD.) Details here...
  6. clydeps

    AC battery requirements, and 120v vs. 12v systems

    Yes, running A/C during the day is feasible from solar/battery. The good thing is that if it's hot you probably have sun. I have a Truma A/C and 1200W of solar and that will run fine from the inverter with the solar keeping up so the battery stays close to 100%. Having said that I've only every...
  7. clydeps

    AC battery requirements, and 120v vs. 12v systems

    For a given cooling output (BTUs) the power draw will be roughly similar for 12V vs 120V systems, but the amp draw will be different (amps at 12V will be 10x amps at 120V for the same power.) 12V A/C is much more expensive to buy, assuming you are installing an inverter either way, but the...
  8. clydeps

    I'm killing batteries -- time to go LiFePo4?

    Not even that by my calcs. 3.5x2 ft is 7 sq ft, so about 0.65 sqm, at 1000W/m2 irradiance and 20% efficiency that's only 130W. And that's assuming that's the active area. Unless the panel is moved around during the day you will only see around 400-500Wh maximum from it in a day (with full...
  9. clydeps

    Isuzu NRR / Acela Straya High-mobility 4×4 Cab-over Truck

    Fuso? The Acela is based on an Isuzu chassis. Same with the Earthcruiser Core. Isuzu does not sell 4x4 trucks in North America.
  10. clydeps

    Dedicated Starlink and mobile 4/5G thread

    I wrote up my fixed () dish installation and 12V POE power with router delete in a Github repository. It includes full details on wiring a POE injector to replace the Starlink power supply/router. The system has worked almost flawlessly on the current trip, including the parts outside the...
  11. clydeps

    Isuzu NPS intercooler pipe problem and resolution.

    I got a good tip about the clamps as well - use a little anti-sieze on the clamp threads when tightening up - this allows them to be done up further. Anti-sieze is a Good Idea on stainless steel threaded fasteners in general to prevent galling.
  12. clydeps

    Dedicated Starlink and mobile 4/5G thread

    While this is certainly not the most remote place in Australia, it still reasonably qualifies as the "middle of nowhere". In Queensland's Channel Country, from this spot the nearest town is 4 hours drive - and it has a population of just 100 people. While driving to this spot today we saw only...
  13. clydeps

    Expedition home for around $100k?

    Prices have certainly gone up - two reasons - one is taking advantage of demand to increase profit margins, but the other is increased costs. All the gear is harder to get and costs more, and has to be ordered further in advance. These companies have a dilemma - demand is way up so they can...
  14. clydeps

    GMRS antenna (2 antenna at once possible)

    KISS answer - no, you can't run two antennas off the same radio. Find a place to put the antenna higher. Also get the antennas checked just in case they are faulty.
  15. clydeps

    Expedition home for around $100k?

    If you want someone to build it for you then 100K is unrealistic. Yes, you can buy a nice mass-produced caravan for that price, but the structure, fittings and build quality of a Jayco are not up to the standard that the expedition vehicle builders deliver, and they are all so busy they would...
  16. clydeps

    Dedicated Starlink and mobile 4/5G thread

    Further out. Still working flawlessly.
  17. clydeps

    Dedicated Starlink and mobile 4/5G thread

    Well, we are now outside the known Starlink universe, and still have full service. Will be heading further west, and hopefully will continue to get signal.
  18. clydeps

    Simple DC system to run a fridge and other small loads.

    What's with the diode on the feed to the fridge? If wired as shown it will short out the feed and either burn up or set the wiring on fire, as there is no fuse between it and the battery. Assuming you meant red to represent positive. Not sure what pump you are using but the ones I'm used to...
  19. clydeps

    TATRA 6x6 or 8x8

    Tatra is based in Czechia. They build the chassis and drivetrain and use Paccar engines (US). The Tatra Phoenix cabs are from DAF (Netherlands.) What parts are you aware of that would need to be sourced from Russia?
  20. clydeps

    Isuzu NPR Radio wiring diagram

    No it came installed. But I wired my replacement based on the diagram I posted above.