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    HVAC Control Wiring Question - Coolant Heater/Circulator

    Hello All, I have a 2000 Ford Excursion (manual HVAC controls as opposed to the newer digital controls that came in those trucks). It has a front and rear HVAC system. I would like to utilize the heater cores and fans in the vehicle while parked and camping/sleeping. Would it cause any issues...
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    RPhil's Excursion - Sleeping Platform / Storage

    Time to start a build thread for my rear sleeping platform/storage area in the Excursion. I recently went camping for a few days and camped out of the back of the truck with an air mattress. This gave me a decent idea of the direction I wanted to go. I decided that I would like to leave the...
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    RPhil's Excursion

    I have been perusing this forum for years, waiting until I was in a position to purchase myself a rig to use for expo-style trips as well as camping, hauling, and winter duties. I decided on a V10 Excursion for a few different reasons, notably: -Cost. These have depreciated a tremendous...